Thursday, June 02, 2005

It amazes me how much influence doctors have in this universal realm we call earth. Today I went in to a local clinic for a physical and this flabberjabber doctor, who had some kind of United Kingdom accent (sorry to be so vague, but if you had seen him, you'd understand) spent about a total of 8 mins, pressed REALLY hard on my stomach and reefed on my ribs, then he waddles out of the room and leaves me hanging without a word for like 20 minutes. Then he waddles back in and blurts out 'Ok Matthew, your blood pressure is a little high but everything is good. Come back next week for some blood tests. Maybe it was high because you were nervous about getting a physical so it should be ok. Ok? Thank you.' and leaves again. Great. Thanks alot Dr. Snuggles. Waddle back to your back room and eat another ham sandwich, you no talent waste of space. So other than that, prett regular day. I checked my pulse ten more times today and i averaged between 60 and 65 beats a minute. High blood pressure? I think it may have been because i downed 2 coffees and walked briskly to my appointment. Clowns abound. And here I drown between infamy and effigy. Look those words up on y'all. Anyways, lookin forward to seein Brother Cerebrum FOR C-day and possibly some old school nation's cap crew. Oh dear. Life cycles on.
'done, done, on the the next one'-d.grohl

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