Thursday, November 25, 2004

So apparently Blogger not only takes half a facking century to
load this morning, but it also erased one motherload blog that
I typed as after I clicked the 'publish post' button, it was lost in
cyberspace and I was left with a 'cannot find server' screen. Great.
Excellent start to an already poosnow filled day. It's friggin cold
out there and it looks as if the GTA was shyted on by a massive
amount of birds. I don't have too much time to dink around this
morning so this will be short.
Kudos to Charnman! Glad you found my blog and its good to hear
from your razor-sharp witted mind again. I kid you not folks,
Charn is one of the smartest people I have ever met. Thanks for
your comments and keep them flowin like the lava that is your
intellect; searing and white hot.
To the Mystery Man who talked about watching Tenenbaums
with your family and not laughing - I'm sorry. I should have
explained that it is not really a comedy. It's more of a cool story
about a ridiculous family who, in the end, are not really that
ridiculous and are much like many families we've known in life
as farce turns to something very real and home-hitting. And...
you liked The Replacements? Well...I don't think that movie is
really my cup of whiskey but who knows - maybe the next time
I'm on a plane somewhere I'll be surprised.
Holy mother, it is snowing like a banshee outside. Is this a joke?
Anyways, just wanted to remind you all that the chronicles have
been updated. Be sure to go look and hey leave a friggin comment
on the chronicles site you bastards! I want to hear feedback on
this piece of bung.

Later playaz,

Friday, November 19, 2004

Just let it slide y'all, I don't give a
DAMN if your backbone quivers.

Somedays it's just really good to quote Maestro Fresh Wes.
Well it's off the lullaby world of work again for me today,
back to the cube farm that supplies me with monotonous
labour and a steady paycheque. It's not really all that bad though.
I'm really kind of curious as to who has been quoting Bottle
Rocket (as spoken by Luke Wilson's character 'Anthony' in one
of the greatest movies ever made) in my comments! Unmask
thyself, silent rogue, and receive thy prize. Look it up folks - it's a Wes
Anderson gem featuring the Wilson brothers (All 3 of them, Owen,
Luke and their older bro who plays small supporting roles in all
of their movies) before they started doing dorky crap like Old
School and Starsky and Hutch. Now, hear me out - I'm not
saying I despise those movies, (maybe Old School a little, except
for the part where Will Ferrell streaks through the quad and asks
Snoop Dogg to come with him and 'bring his green hat') they are
just more hollywood drivel than substance. Wes Anderson, however,
remains fairly unknown but in the critical world, a movie-making
genius, capable of such wizardry that it actually pulls the poop right
out of your bum-bum. Actually, in reality, I kinda think Old School
is one of the most dumbass movies I've ever viewed. It's really not
even that funny - I felt kinda let down at the end. Considering it
has such an amazing cast, it really was kind of a waste of talent
considering one of the funniest men alive (the bald dude from the
Daily Show) is one of the sorority members and has NO lines in
the whole movie. Waste. Vince Vaughan is also remarkable (if you
haven't seen Made with Jonny Favreau and Vince, or Swingers,
you should definitely check those films out) and seems to be just a
swear-puppet in this movie. His funniest line in the whole movie
was wasted in the previews when he's watching his wife while standing
in Will Ferrell's wedding party about his wife's judging stare and
showing off her newborn baby as an asset. So enough about movies
for now, but I sure could go on.

It's too bad that Hollywood is going the way of the Dope with a
capital D for Donkey Dick. In my later years at the U of Guelph,
I started noticing that mainstream movies were becoming more and
more about teen stars rather than plot, substance or character-building
and it is a down right dirty ass crack shame. But there is hope, folks.
Oh yes. There is hope. You just have to look a little deeper. Here are
some suggestions you might want to look into the next time you
want something that is actually good from the video store:

WELCOME TO COLLINWOOD: (Sam Rockwell, William H Macy,
George Clooney, one of the funniest caper movies ever made If you
get easily irritated, don't watch this movie. Pure Hijinx.)

ALONG CAME POLLY: (I know, I know, Jennifer Aniston is a huge
sellout but Ben Stiller and his buddy Phillip Seymour Hoffman steal
the Show. I was gutting myself all through this movie.)

MAGNOLIA: (Extremely powerful but unbelievably well-cast with
Tom Cruise, PH Hoffman again, William Macy again, Julianne Moore
in a movie that will shake your roots.)

I'll stop there. Start with those and report back to me with a 50-60
word review of each of them. You will graded on substance.

Don't forget to watch for the NEW Wes Anderson movie (maker of
Bottle Rocket, The Royal Tenenbaums who loves the Wilson brothers)
coming out close to Christmas. You can see it here.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Today is just one of those days where I feel at odds, in
sort of disarray or misaligned with the universe. This
could be due to the fact that Sarah is completely bogged
down with school crap, and we have no clean dishes, no
clean clothes and no food. Our schedules have been insane
but thank God for a moment like this where I can just
grab even a small piece of clarity in an uninhabited
library where the only real noise is the clicking of my
fingers on a keyboard. The sun was breaking through the
morning mist today as I drove Sarah to school early and
it was a cool sight. Kind of like a reassurance that in all
things there is Hope with a capital H.

I recently received an email from an old friend talking
about the 'band' days of a year or so ago and how his main
passion is to pursue music. It got me thinking that in the
long run, I think that when some people are passionate
about the music world, it is not because of the music
itself but rather to use music as a vehicle to make them-
selves famous. For all they care, they could be in a boy
band just as long as they had a following, groupies and
some dry ice (to quote a friend) but I think the missing
link here is 'quality not quantity'. I'd rather listen to the
homosexual lead singer of The Weakerthans spout his
interesting thought over pretty simple chords than hear
someone like DC Talk play arena-based crotchrocket
music that is so popular in the world of sheltered young
adults. Just a thought. Take it for what it is.

Anyways, to all my friends, I thank you for the ways in
which you have touched my life over the years. I just
feel sort of nostalgic today, for some reason, and I think
thanksgiving is in order. Have a quality day y'all.

By the way, be sure to check out the happenings of None
and his Crazy Chronicles at:

Monday, November 08, 2004

Another sunny day in november. Unreal. This past weekend
was a 'gooder' in the sense that a few close friends of Sarah and
i showed up for a visit - Josh and Olivia. I know this sounds boring
from the usual lingo of my blogs but sometimes the long missed
friends can captivate us with a new outlook on the world,
refreshing perspectives and helping us to take advantage of every
moment we have here on this great green earth, because that's
all that life is really, a series of often disconnected moments that
last only for a few fleeting breaths. We've got to take advantage
of every moment we have because we are all on thin ice. Like it
or not, we're all gonna die and the things you've planned for will
all go to waste, dust and ashes in an instant. Often people who
have had a near death experience come back changed people,
sometimes in life philosophy but mostly just in daily outlook.
Living life to the full ain't about a 25 or 50 year plan; it's about
taking each day as it comes and not trying to get too far ahead
of myself. I need to remember this and grill it into my skull.
Solomon talks alot about the value of living for each day all
through the book of Ecclesiates (which is worth a read if you're
so inclined) and he has been considered one of the wisest writers
of all time.

it all boils down to the
fact that sometimes, in the Christian world, being a real follower
of Jesus (sorry if this lingo is disturbing to some, don't read it
if you think I'm speaking a different language) is equated to
having that perfect 'devotional' life every day when you get up,
praying (that is having a conversation with God) every spare
second you get, never looking lustfully at T&A, never drinking
beer, etc. Essentially, for many, being a Christian is all about
following a set of rules, and so when said 'christians' fall short of
this legalistic style of living, they feel awful, unrighteous or
'unworthy' of God. But it ain't about that. Nowhere in the bible
does it say 'feel guilty when you've done something wrong for
a set amount of time and all will be right again'.

Being a real Jesus follower means living an enriched life,
not just saving your ass from flames in the next life. It means
interacting with whoever you come into contact with, not just
being in a false, rabbit-hole bubble where people sing alot of
happy joy-joy songs and raise their hands and close their eyes
while doing so. Following Jesus is about loving people, helping
WITH THEM, and then maybe, just maybe, someone will ask
you why you live the way you do.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

The counting crows have grown on me in some ways.
I used to mock them pretty hard but now I don't
seem to mind them as much. So anyways, this None
thing seems to be taking off somewhat and that's good
because it keeps my mind busy when I'm at work
with thoughts OTHER than 'what the ___ am I doing
in this rat ba$tard job?' That's a good thing.
I don't understand some of the ways of this world and
often enough, I seem to care less and less about that. I
don't think everything always needs to be figured out
by genius-ass me, and I suppose this is becoming a form
of mental humility. Some things need to be left with an
air of mystery. Like Calvinism. Don't go there.

Go call
your long lost uncle instead and talk about the movie
Hoosiers with someone. Be real. That's what I say. At one
point in my life, it seemed every moment was a brain
screw because I just couldn't stop thinking about
EVERY dang thing; present, past, future, spirituality,
satan, my heart beat, etc. I think it was good for me to
battle through all those sleepless nights of the early 20's
because now I sleep like a log most nights and realize
that there's no possible way I can 'cover it all' with my

Up and at 'em. Time to face the day.

Monday, November 01, 2004

It doesn't make sense to me sometimes.
God's love is a weird thing. But I guess we
all must accept the hard acceptors sometimes.
And I want to make clear before I proceed that
the character of None is a make-believe character
and that this blog is not for the faint of heart. None
will keep it updated as much as None wants.
It's kinda funny too.

check it:

how far into the dark realm of the cubicle are you
willing to go?

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