Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It Was So Simple In The Moonlight
In the evening, the sun lowers and our thoughts glower.
It's happenstance that we find ourselves looking inward
in the cool breath of night.

I listened to a great song recently (a few times over) called
Lua featuring Conner Oberst and Gillian Welch. The singers
croon over a folksy guitar strum about
the idea of the night bringing a new consciousness that is
unafraid and full of zeal while the morning seems to erase
that stream of thought and bring the cold shock of reality.
Isn't that always the case? At night, we stare at the stars and
envision to our abilities or dreams - but the morning has
other plans.

I like living for the night.

Greg Keelor once said in an interview (paraphrasing) 'I like
to get lost in the world of the song. It takes me away from
this world we are currently in. I don't much care for this world.'

Great thoughts from a great musician.

I am planning to get lost in the world of the song and to live
for the night this coming year. I'll explain more soon.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Big Thoughts
Most of the time, humans feel trapped in their current situations.
We want to get out. We feel stifled.

I haven't wanted to blog for a while. The summer's been fine - nothing
has smacked me upside the head, sadness-wise - it's just been slow
and somewhat mirky. The future is more unstable than it has ever
been. Oddly enough, for the first time in eons, a recurring stress dream
I've had about not studying for a test in an ongoing university course
has finally concluded - a few weeks ago, I took the actual test in
the dream.

Pretty sure I bombed it.

But instead of looking at the bright side, for once, I want to focus
on the wants and have-nots.

If I could do anything...

I'd make gravenrecords into a fully legitmate label with releases
staggered and happening on a current basis - but in a manner that
suits and reflects the creativity of the artists.

I'd go visit my friend Laura who lives in Nicaragua. For some
reason, and not in any weird kind of way, I just miss her. She
brings a lot of light to many.

I'd go travelling with a semi or non-famous rock, country or
jazz band from coast to coast and journal the everyday goings-on
of the tour and then publish it.

I'd read more Douglas Coupland (I'm going to change this

I'd organize a camping trip with about 30 people who I love and
who make me laugh and who inspire me.

I'd watch Bruce Campbell movies most nights of the week with
my brother whilst tinkling some Wiser's Deluxe in a glass with
2 ice cubes on my grandma's old couch and barcalounger.

I'd record the next 3 musical works I have in my head (and on
paper) and bring them to a golden harvest of fruition and joy.

I'd go back in time and not get so drunk at my friend Sarah and
Caleb's wedding and actually enjoy the picturesque day that
it was. A little equation, here - Puking = serious
non-enjoyment. Or better yet: Fast wine = bad times.

I'd spend more time in Kingston eating Green Curry.

I'd dissolve my debt and give money to struggling friends who
are still paying off osap at age 40.

Oh well.

'These roses ain't always meant to be smelled.' -Bert Sugar

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