Monday, April 18, 2005

in honour of 'Fast' Eddie
Where do we go when the things that irk us and boil our
blood just keep on piling higher until we feel like we're
Popeye and 'can't stands no more'? After having a blessed
time in Guelph last night, my beloved car (Fast Ed) began
giving me a real hassle on the way home. Fine on the
highways but chuggin' and sputterin' ceaselessly during
any city driving almost to the point of the engine cutting
out. This gave me a thought.

I would love to put 'er in neutral and shove 'er off the
escarpment somewhere into a quarry and watch 'er die
a slow death.

But alas, I cannot do this, for I need a car and so does Sarah
no matter how shitfull it is. And man, me and Fast Ed, we've
been thru alot together. I can't forget that. He has taken me
many places in a short amount of time. So Ed, if this is the
end, I just want you to know...I love you man. I never wanted
it to end this way're just really pissing me off.

Word up to all the homies, wherever you are, and raise a
glass for the old boy, would ya?

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