Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Sometimes, it's good to get off the highway of the grind. I've been
living on the road for a while, never really being settled in one
place, Jack Kerouack-ing in every sense of the verb. Whatever
the reality of the grind looks like to each of us, and even if you
are doing something that is truly fulfilling, we all need some r & r
once in a while.

Sarah and I are back in St. Catharines...together. Being married and
not really living with your wife full time is a weird idea but we are
adjusting and, one would hope, making it work the best we can.
This past stint at IAWAH was a heavy one - filled with melodrama,
brutal life situations, and the learning of hard occurences with people I
deeply care for and I feel totally emotionally and physically spent.

Last night, I slept gloriously. I don't remember what I thought
about before I passed out. This morning I made some coffee for
Sarah and myself from a fine Nicaraguan blend given to us from our
friend Viv back in the summer. I put a few too many scoops in the
bodum - the nectar of the strong bean tickled my nostrils and
tastebuds, leaving a hot-chocolatesque film in my mouth.

I thought about the future and contemplated cleaning the kitchen.

God bless us, everyone.

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