Sunday, May 11, 2008


So I decided to write a blog while being a few thousand feet
above sea level. There’s something majestic about being above
the clouds. Being on a flight to Vegas, it’s easy to get lost in
the shuffle of madness (especially when you only make your
flight by 15 minutes!) People are dressed like they are ready
to party and let loose. The people who board the plane are
mostly younger…and the ones that aren’t, wish they were.
There is a seafoam green shirted man sitting across the
aisle from me. He is obviously leading some sort of business
swingers trip to Vegas with some older friends and couples.
He’s in his early forties and looks like he could be either
a used car salesman…or a call centre supervisor. He still
has lots of hair and keeps it parted to the side. He has a
hockey goatee, chews gum and laughs loudly. During takeoff,
he kept using his cellphone and then hiding it (like a
schoolboy hiding a love note) when the attendants walked
by. I wonder what makes him the way he is. There’s a
couple behind who were making out earlier. Their kisses
sounded sloppy and drooly.

Most people on this flight want to be noticed…and then
there’s me - typing away, looking mischievously important
and sitting in a row all by myself. Everyone on this flight
seems to be too busy to notice true beauty.

Seek me and you will find me when you seek me with all of
your heart.

I drove to Portland today. Not Portland, Ontario –
Oregon. I almost missed my flight because of it. I got to
meet a pretty awesome guy who I’ve been in touch with
via email for about 2 years. He’s given me a lot of
confidence and a lot of opportunity with writing. Do I regret
that I almost missed my flight? Do I regret driving into
horrid Seattle traffic and frantically speeding during

Not a chance.

I’ve had a great trip out west with my wife. A good friend is
now married and Sarah and I got to take a little vacation
around the wedding. We camped out in Washington State
and BC at some beautiful sites.

A few minutes ago, outside of my window, there were some
massive snowy peaks of mountains jutting up through the
clouds. No one seemed to notice. I thought I was
hallucinating at first but I wasn’t. I even snapped a few
pictures with my digital camera to make sure they were for
real. The first mountain was tremendous in stature and it
looked like two thirds of it was above the clouds. I
transformed into a passionate photographer who had
stumbled on to the perfect shot. The second mountain
wasn’t as big as the first but the sun was careening off its
tip in an almost ethereal fashion. The snow became golden.
I felt like I was taking an aerial camera shot for one of the
Lord Of The Rings films. It didn’t seem real…and it was all
over too quick.

Beauty waits for us at all times – we just need to be willing
to look for it and receive it.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Blogging From Within The Mountains

So I'm in Langley with my wife. We are in the midst of a chaotic storm
of activity that is leading up to our good friend Jon's wedding. Jon has had
some upsets and crazy obstacles to overcome in the past while. He has done
well...and is doing well. A few nights ago, we slept in Olympic National
Park. I froze. We had to move from the tent to the car at 2 am because
every part of my body was shivering uncontrollably. 

I hope the best for Jon...I really do. He is a great guy and is one of those
guys who would do anything for anyone. His future wife seems like a fine
lady and I hope to get to know her in the next few days. 

I'm apparently being anti-social. Our friend Lin is here, too. And Jay.
It is a good day. I hope I have enough money to meet up with my friend
Matt in Vegas in a few days. I hope. I hope.

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