Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dog Blog

Here is the shot: At the end of this week, I'll have logged 48 hrs in
one week, probably more than I've ever worked in a week, and
will have officially burnt the candle at both ends. I'm feelin tired
but overall pretty passionate and enthused. As a good friend of
mine once put it 'this is a beautiful mess, this life'. Was up in
Guelph on monday for the second instalment of homechurch/smallgroup
and it was good. We expanded by one member, buthope to expand by
more in the coming weeks, and go deeper. Good things.

It has come to my attention that my blogging has been rather sparse
as of late, and that most of the time, comments and approval from
others power the amount of posts I do in any given week. That is
not good, and that is not bad. That is just the way it is. So I have
chosen to write about a topic I've been meaning to for some time,
and the topic is dogs. More of a list, really.

The Most Amazing Aspects of the Dog
- They lead the blind.
- They are territorial and protective (remind you of anyone?)
- They are always excited to see you.
- They are always willing to receive attention and affection.
- They walk with you.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Gold That Is In This Life

So it seems like only 2 of my homies on my link list
are bloggin' right now. Slacker asses. Kidding. I just like
to get a variety of thoughts from my friends and fam so
I'd like to see some new material any time soon from the Dox,
Buck Twenty Five, Todd and Erich who is rich in spirit.
I miss all your words lads. They are fire to my loins.

I'm just at work, pluggin' er, and I'm finding the days are
getting dark dang quick now what with it being indian summer
type season. I don't think of it as fall until we need coats.
Had our first smallgroup/homechurch meeting last night
and it was quite excellent. Just good to know there are peeps
out there lookin' for the same things me and Sarah are, and who
want to go deeper than the wading pool that is church.
Ask questions, laugh, cry, drink, eat, be merry, be depressed,
whatever. Be yourself. That's the key to it all, really.
Because there is so much more to this life than meets
the eye, and whatever your view is on that, the truth
is all in your view.

Truce by Paul Muldoon
It begins with one or two soldiers
And one or two following
With hampers over their shoulders.
They might be off wildfowling

As they would another Christmas Day,
So gingerly they pick their steps.
No one seems sure of what to do.
All stop when one stops.

A fire gets lit. Some spread
Their greatcoats on the frozen ground.
Polish vodka, fruit and bread
Are broken out and passed round.

The air of an old German song,
The rules of Patience, are the secrets
They'll share before long.
They draw on their last cigarettes

As Friday-night lovers, when it's over,
Might get up from their mattresses
To congratulate each other
And exchange names and addresses.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Dudes. Legions of the Cyber Realms. Run to the hills of
Gromdar where Parthus Kor will usher you into the
safety of his catacombs, away from the Blog Monster.
That made no sense. But damn was it fun to write.

So I made my way with my dear Sarah to the 'Hammer
last night (Hamilton to you non SW ontario folks) and we
were way up high in the NOSEbleeds of Copps Coliseum
to hear the Jam of Pearl. Eddie Vedder can still rock out

with the motherfriggin' thunder. I'm not even a real PJ fan but
I gained alot of respect for them last night, that is for DAMN
sure. Matt Cameron (ye olde Soundgarden drummer) is too
thunderous for his own good. They played everything too,
like over 2 hours of material, all the way back to the 'Ten'
album. Nice work, lads.

As for today, and lately, I'm enjoying things a little more.
This homechurch/smallgroup idea seems to keep gaining
momentum and interested people like a big, fat downhill
snowball. Looks like a first call to summit may even be
early next week.

My long time homie Justin Paizer got engaged last night.
Your sudden and recent surge of passion is inspiring and
I thank you for being such a good friend all these years.

Newly Acquired DVD's:
Along Came Polly, Matchstick Men, High Fidelity.
Expendable income? Yeah right. They were all on serious
blowout sale prices.

Me Love You All, Long Time.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hey well, apparently you can see a sick-slick pic of me
on Johnny J-Mart's blog (
and an even sicker blog to boot.

So I'm back from a week off at iawah where I had good
re-charging of the batteries, slowly takin' er out of neutral
and puttin' er back on the road. It was great to be involved
in people's lives again and not so much of a hermit. It's the only
way I gain passion, grow and learn as a human. Being in a
real community is something me and Sarah are desiring
right now, maybe even beyond the means of a local church.

Things in St. Kits may be looking up, after all.
And that is allllllright. I look forward to a fall of watching NFL
games, playing music, walking with my wife through many
colours of leafery, smelling the smokey fall air, my birthday,
thanksgiving and a buttload of turkey/triptophan, mark
wallace, and drinking BUCKETS of THIS...

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