Tuesday, August 07, 2018

James Iha and the August Wonder

Sometimes, our lives need to look like Let It Come Down by James Iha. A perfect mix of backgroun subtlety, brilliance and melody that all weaves together in a non-intrusive way.

Life is strange, now. It's beautiful - and I wouldn't change it for the world - but it's strange. 100 percent. Life with a little one becomes so much less about you and so much more about your little life-wanderer.

The cracks and frags of our existence are ever more at the surface. The things that people used to wonder about silently in starry bedrooms are now talked about with a reckless abandon. People can be quickly disregarded and ditched even with the thought or worry of controversy.

If we ever thought that life was impermanent as a single person, we feel and taste the reality of it that much more as a parent. I think it's because age and time are factors in literally everything. We calculate the minutes and seconds that we might have with our child - and for our lives with them. The odds pile up. But we venture on.

It's hard to be in the moment. I need to Let It Come Down like James did.

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