Saturday, May 28, 2005

always be waiting, waiting for you...
been listening to the new jack johnson recently (thanks for leavin that behind, dear johnny) and i have to say, there are some sweet melodies and tunes to be heard within, but the reviews are all right in the sense that this one takes a few listens through to warm up to it.
THAT ASIDE, i would like to say it's a lovely day here in st. catherines. the rain threatened for a while but the sun pressed through and won the day over. Now a slight breeze and t-shirt warmth abound. May definitely has some of the best weather; no bugs, hot ass in the day but good sleeping weather at night, no humidity, clear Just another saturday, in the long run of things, of being me, of being married, of being a guy. Not being good, not being bad, but somewhere inbetween a meloncholic haze of understanding the key just being. Day off tomorrow. Sweet ass. Canada Day. Coming soon to a nation's cap. Be there.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

'here it is. BAM!' -chuck D of public enemy
alright, alright, enough's enough you kooky commenting types. i must say, though, it has been nice to read my blog and see massive heaps of comments - it makes me feel needed and wanted by my friends and family in a time where i don't live NEAR many, geographically anyways. spiritually, i feel you all there each day, each hour, each minute, man. so apparently i have a GIG this coming friday in cobourg at a quaint coffee shop, for about 45 mins, late in the eventide. though no pints will be consumed onstage (or that night at all since it is a dry Christian event) there should be lots of peeps so that will be cool. so hey, come out if ya can to hear some musical lip service to a washed up age of misinformed youth and disenchanted adults. it will be great. but i do look forward to seeing more friends. Can't seem to get enough of that lately. anyone doin anything for the long weekend? come on down to st kits and stay with us sunday to monday. not sure what we'll do but i'm sure we can figure somethin' out.

Monday, May 16, 2005

'i don't know who you're talking to
i've made a search thru every room
and all I've found is dust that moves
and shadows of the afternoon...'
today is a new day, full of hope, full of vibrance, colour and all good things. it started at 6:45 am with an awakening and invitation to discuss the deeper side of life and pray with my homie jondogs. this was good. upon finishing such meeting, my wife and i busted out of aurora and hit up the yorkdale capitalist regime (a massive GTA mall), paroused through some merchandise and drank some gourmet coffee. we then stopped roadside, almost back in our hometown, and grabbed a mom+pop's style sandwich which was a nice change from a few days of wendy's, grease and ass-oils. i then hit my bed at about 1 pm to catch a few z's beforework but i just kinda lay there, achy and stuff, grabbed a needed shower for my arse-oils at 2:30ish, said my farewells to my wife andi listened to the new Sum41 on the way to work. That's right. I said Sum 41. I like Sum 41 because they can rock like any working band out there and if you don't like it, you can kiss my small, unproportioned white ass. Now I'm at work, and it's a vicious cycle, this life we live, but damned if I don't love it at times.
'and the world is drawn into your hands
and the world is etched upon your heart
and the world so hard to understand
is the world you can't live without...'-billy corgan

Thursday, May 12, 2005

dog days
this summer season looks like a SCORCHERand unfortunately, it looks like I will be spendingmost of it indoors, in the bowels of one of the biggest call centres in Canada in a town I don't really like and with friends I don't really have. The only person keeping me sane is Sarah and it's a big job, so God bless her for the effort and love. But as it is known, I am a people person and I love to be around and get my energy source from people. Nothin says lovin like a few pints with friends while talkin' about the good stuff that ebbs and flows between the inbetweens of life. Though the next few weekends may prove to be very sociable, I am still here for the moment, grinding my axe into the wheel of industry, playing my part as a tiny, slowly rusting, easily replaceable cog in a giant wheel surrounded my tactless, metallic droids who beat me with statistical rakes. I sweat in agony and fear and try to find a window where I can see the squirrels who are merry, but alas, shadow has covered the land as far as the eye can see. The day is dark and the night is pitch,but even now Hope remains.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

i've waited hours for this, i've made myself so sick i wish i'd stay and sleep today...and so the proverbial timebomb of life keeps on ticking away. the sun gets a little brighter, our bones get a little brittler, and it's all (so to speak) 'good'. i had a wonderful time in chicago with my wife, though, let that show for the record. we hit the windy city and actually stayed within a budget (which is good because we're broke-ass kids) and got some good deals and some sweet meals of deep dish chi-town Gino's 'za. Time to capitalize. Scrum-diddly-umptious. The family I have down there were well receiving and friendly at every turn. It seems like every Christian I know now, even within my dry family, is into alcohol. What's up with that shit? Anyways, I'm pluggin away here at NuComm Inter-hash-in-all and it's a motherhubbard. Sure, it's good to have money to pay bills but man, there's gotta be something more. I remember the long, drawn out days of may and june when i could spindle my thoughts under starlight on a dock by water with some very good friends, about life, chicks, God and all else inbetween but it's not like that anymore. My co-worker Bernie is literally coughing out a rib behind me and I feel for the guy, lifelong smoker. That reminds me...I could really use some mini swisher sweets sometime soon.
Cheers to a new phase of life. I may not like it but it's what I got, so it gots to be good. I long to see old friends and encourage, build up and just be with them. The importance of spending time with people on this earth is monumental.

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