Monday, May 31, 2004

Doin the do at Mount Saint Vincent, in Halifax.

I had a weird start to the day. I woke up at 6 am with a giant
lump in the back of my throat but it turns out, my uvula was
hanging lower than ive ever seen it hang. Perhaps it was due to
an intense night of snoring. Who knows. It still feels awkward
back there and i either want to hock it up or swallow it...but i
can't because it's attached to my throat.

Weird dung.

Anyways, Jeff and I have had a great time touring around the
Fax. No bad memories or experiences yet to be had here. It's a
place of joy for me. I love the harbor, the downtown, the sights,
the fresh air, the bridges...a great city. We are heading back
today and so far we've seen a wedding two days ago (my best man
bri beat me to the punch), and seen alot of shyte weather.
Lots of gray, rain and cold. But it has still been a good trip.

I'm looking forward to just getting back home and being with
Sarah for a while. There will be lots to do but sure
when it's all said and done we'll still be married...which is
they key, i think.

Bring on the major leagues. comin to the burg? Excellent. I got your email.
Inscendiary. Adam, you too maybe? Bring the funk.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

SO I'm in PEI at the moment. Jeff Dixon, my old
time homie is sitting in the next room eating
bbq chips and watching Head of State with Chris
Rock. I am not really into Chris Rock so I sit here
and write. Bri, my best man, and long time homie
is now married and off to have 'fun' with his lovely,
new wife Bonnie. She seems like a really cool gal
and I'm glad Brian finally found someone. He will
love the crap out of that girl, and that is awesome.

Anyways, I'm somewhat indifferent to tomorrow's
plans. For a while, the plan was to head to the
Fax, record a little bit with Charles Austin and
chill out with nic and julie but the deal is
looking mighty shady. Charles bowed out because
he's tryin to buy a house with his wife and
Julie and Nic are further away than i realized,
just outside of Fredericton NB. Dangit.

I feel pretty tired but somewhat overwhelmed
too because all this wedding shysen got me
thinking about my own wedding and all the deals
that need to closed before june 19th. I'm scared
that some massive detail will be forgotten and
it will be all my fault.

I miss Sarah. I just want to hug her.

stay tuned because tomorrow could be interesting.
i miss jon adams too.

Monday, May 24, 2004

I'm at camp Iawah right now ( and it
feels strange yet warm and kinda nice to be here.
This place is a memory machine for me. So many
meaningful, life-changing experiences happened on
this 200 acre piece of green property. Alot of the
old haunts are still standing yet new faces and
unbeknownst 'camp-folk-terminology' leaks into
everyone here like an epidemic. I'm caught in the
middle of it all; a new sailor on a well-known brig
in uncharted waters.

Some of the spring staff (Kate, Faith) were mentioning
my blog and wondering why I choose to swear sometimes.
I don't really feel like defending myself because
these things are supposed to be somewhat private. It's
not like I WELCOME thousands of friends and family
to read this dang thing, it just happens. Word spreads,
and then you realize the person you want least to read
your thoughts has done so. And swearing is pretty
subjective. When the person who grills me about seeing
the duck word with an f on my blog says 'oh my g_d',
i think THAT'S a double standard and a half.

Anyways, I said I would not I won't. Sarah
has gone into town with Olivia (a chick standing with
her on the big day) to see about renting a flick because
the weather is kinda butt today. Gray, overcast, cold...
not really very productive as a weather system.

Not really much else to say. Iawah is a place of God's glory,
a drug trip and a time warp all in one bundle.

Saturday, May 22, 2004


where have all the bloggers gone?

It seems than Jonny and Erich have faded in the
wayside recently and I am left in the aftermath
of dung hens and dicklocks. Had to quote the old
Bubs from TP boys, there. Dang, that is a cursed
yet altogether 'too funny for life' kind of show.

So I'm sitting here, in my boss's office in
Cobourg wondering where the shlitz it all goes.
We are all so much in a rush, as humans, to get
things done, knock another to-do line off our
proverbial lists, and get on with what's next.
Dave Grohl speaks of this somewhat existential
cycle in 'All My Life' in the redundant ending
phrase of the song; 'done, done, on to the next

I'm actually excited to get married now, which
is good because I was a little scared for a
while. I think half the problem is my brain.
I have a brain like most of my blogging friends;
insanely hyperactive. Tugging at my body all day
as would an sugared-up hypoglycemic child.
Sometimes, man, I think Jesus and all his homies
would slug back a few pints at the end of a long,
hot day because they knew the perils of an untamed

Not saying you need to drink, no. Don't get
loose on me. All I'm saying is that I think too
much about useless crap - the 'whatifs' and
'downtheroads' when I should be focused on the
'hereandnows'. Here and now has so much for me,
and yet I fall astray. I fall victim to the
glittery, plastic Vegas of tomorrow when the
natural, creationary beauty of today stands in
front of my face like a Giant Pine, poking its
budding pince cones into my ocular sockets.

I really love Sarah. I don't mean to wax about
her, and I often don't, but man, if you don't
appreciate what you have in this life, while
you have it, you're fucked. You will always be
attracted by the 'whycantihavemores' and the
'ivegotsomebutnotalliwants'. That way of
thinking is a one way ticket to dones-ville.

I don't even care if Sarah and I are broke as
spokes. We'll have each other and a loving
Father guiding us through. Not to say there
won't be pain, or there won't be hurt and
filth - of course all that will still be there
- but the effects of the damage will be
lessened, and hearts weakened, by attitude,
care and hard love.

Yep, life sucks, but its our view of it
that can be so sweet, sweet granny smith apple.
Sorry for all the down-and-outers or if my
words offend your sorrow. I am who I am and
I am realizing, for the first time, that I don't
need to apologize for that any fuckin more.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Somehow the sun hath renewed you and given you breath again.

I love the sick change in weather from
dismally grey to super blue sunny. I am
back in Cobourg and have been here since
May began, really, and have not had much
time to breathe since. It was nice to go
back to Ottawa and see some friends, but
in the long run, I always end up missing
Sarah, which is a good thing I think.

My armpits are dank and filth-ridden,
sliding slimily like ectoplasmic residue.

I haven't seen Jon Adams for over a
month now, and I really do miss him,
but I guess this is God teaching me about
giving up certain things in order to move
on and make ths shift to marriage. You
see, I've always been fairly committed
to my friendships outside of Sarah, and
this is important to me and her as it
validates my existence in many ways.

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