Thursday, May 19, 2005

'here it is. BAM!' -chuck D of public enemy
alright, alright, enough's enough you kooky commenting types. i must say, though, it has been nice to read my blog and see massive heaps of comments - it makes me feel needed and wanted by my friends and family in a time where i don't live NEAR many, geographically anyways. spiritually, i feel you all there each day, each hour, each minute, man. so apparently i have a GIG this coming friday in cobourg at a quaint coffee shop, for about 45 mins, late in the eventide. though no pints will be consumed onstage (or that night at all since it is a dry Christian event) there should be lots of peeps so that will be cool. so hey, come out if ya can to hear some musical lip service to a washed up age of misinformed youth and disenchanted adults. it will be great. but i do look forward to seeing more friends. Can't seem to get enough of that lately. anyone doin anything for the long weekend? come on down to st kits and stay with us sunday to monday. not sure what we'll do but i'm sure we can figure somethin' out.

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