Thursday, November 08, 2007

Never Enough Time In A Day

I've spent an average
of 8 hours per day at
the computer since the
weekend. This work
from home thing is
good but definitely
intense. Being your own
boss is like the ultimate
test of your own limits -

You have to be your own slacker, your own rest
advocate and your own over-eager, annoying supervisor
always breathing down your own neck to get things done
and stick to timelines. You almost need to have multiple
personalities - seriously.

It has been a busy week but what's odd is that I didn't
really expect it to be a pinnacle of busy-ness. After the
insanity of last weekend, being between St. Catharines,
Kingston and Ottawa, I thought I was in for a light
week of re-cooperating.

No sir.

Pixelated fibres of me.
Float throughout the Greater Niagara Region.
My thought panels are like snow tv channels.
Everything is always ending.
Morsels of nuggeted truth doused in cerebellum sauce.
hands are aging.
highway drivers are raging.
November brings hazy rain and posture.
The sky has been gray for days.

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