Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Version Of The Country

I'm back. Back in the blogospheric vortex that is known as
sub-reality or connect-a-tron.

I feel refreshed and tired all at once. My bones are a little firmer
but my mind is a little more spacey. When you're driving from the
prairies into the mountains, you can't help but feel like a door is
being kicked open in your subconscious (like Springsteen talking
about listening to Dylan as a young man). From the dastardly
plains of Brandon, Manitoba to the free-standing wheat and
opulent skies of Saskatchewan to the sprawl of Alberta and the
cusp of the Rockies to the guts of the mountains (both snowy
and summery) of British Columbia - I am here. Standing.

More to come on all of that in a few days.

All that needs to be stated for now is that I've got a new view, I
suppose. Whatever happens will be alright with me. Poor. Broke.
Heartbroken. Angry. Happy. Rich. Thriving. Passionate. Bored.

It's all part and parcel of being a dweller of this village we call
'Earth'. It's what connects the dots along the way. It's elemental.
It's anthropological. It's experiential. It's tangible.

After driving through the needle-eyes of two massive snowstorms
between just west of Calgary and all the way to Saskatoon, I
have seen some hellish and righteous beauty in the same light.

And for now, I'm here.

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