Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Post Written in St. Augustine

Monday, January 07, 2008

My life is desperately private...
(The Taxman Cometh)

For some reason, I just can't quit quoting Apostle lyrics in
my blog titles.

At any rate, this week finds me in my old haunt/hometown
of 'da Nation's Kap'. Sarah stayed behind in Saint Cee to
be a good school-goer. I, however, am trying to throw together
an income on a month to month basis. Although I appreciate
the freedom I have from the old hell of a third party call centre,
being self-employed brings all new stresses and worries.
It's almost as if I throw my hands up to the heavens each
month and wonder as to where needed funds will come from.

No matter what, though, I always seem to get what I need.

This week finds me posing as a taxman - helping my dad ready
his office for the upcoming 'season of the witch'. I am already
feeling chafed in my office clothes and I've only worked 3/4
of a full day. The only reasonable eatery/coffee-ery within
walking distance is a Tim's that is always bursting with
impatient customers. I have accumulated a nasty papercut
on my right hand ring finger from filing (damn, those crisp
edges sting!)

I hope to see a lot of people this week, have some good heart
to hearts and fill my off time with social potpurri. We'll see
how I do.

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