Saturday, May 28, 2005

always be waiting, waiting for you...
been listening to the new jack johnson recently (thanks for leavin that behind, dear johnny) and i have to say, there are some sweet melodies and tunes to be heard within, but the reviews are all right in the sense that this one takes a few listens through to warm up to it.
THAT ASIDE, i would like to say it's a lovely day here in st. catherines. the rain threatened for a while but the sun pressed through and won the day over. Now a slight breeze and t-shirt warmth abound. May definitely has some of the best weather; no bugs, hot ass in the day but good sleeping weather at night, no humidity, clear Just another saturday, in the long run of things, of being me, of being married, of being a guy. Not being good, not being bad, but somewhere inbetween a meloncholic haze of understanding the key just being. Day off tomorrow. Sweet ass. Canada Day. Coming soon to a nation's cap. Be there.

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