Thursday, August 25, 2005


So I'm doin' this mopsauce blog deal here at work, and people are
staring over my shoulder, oggling, and I could probably get fired
for this. Oh well. Small price to pay.

This is a phrase that a nameless man from work uses on every call
but he is actually saying 'that's correct' but due to his nasal-ish voice,
it comes out squeaky and sounding like the above. Actually, as some
of us have discovered, it sounds alot like he is saying 'ass-crack' so
we can all have a good chuckle over lewd phonetics. SO apparently,
all my friends are leaving, either out east or out west, and my other
good friends will soon have no lives as they join the world of the
married man. JOKES! I don't really think that. But if I did, things
could always be worse. I could say 'that's correct' and make everyone
think I was talking about a smelly body hole.

Anyways, I'm out. My feet absolutely wreak. Jon, I will miss thee.
To everyone else, peace out and be sure to check out Johnny J-Mart's
blog, my newly added link and homeboy from the world of

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Mother Of All That Is Good...

Life has been flustering about like a trapped bird in some
kind of oily water lately. I know what I have to do...I just can't
seem to do it. My fear of failure holds me back from pursuing
something that would be very rewarding to me, like music, or
writing, but i'm too afraid that if I step out in faith, I'll fall like a
rock and look like a chump. But I know that won't happen. It just
takes a big man to put his sack on the table and ante-up.

Byes and Hi's

Looking forward to possibly going to Iawah next week for a
trip away from home. Sarah will be hookin up with me later in
the week. I definitely need some fire in this old tank of dry bones.
Adam, haven't heard from you for some time. Please contact
me in some way. I miss your diabolical intellect. Jon, have a
great trip out westand remember it's all part of the big picture,
and on a universal level, we are miniscule. Dalton, where are
you man? Out east will be a blast, I'm sure. Buck, have faith
brotha. I miss having no old milly ice in my fridge - come visit
anytime. Todd, great to see ya last weekend. Lookin forward
to seein ya more next week. Josh and Olivia, good start on the
weekend to your new life together. Amazing time.

As for now, gonna finish strong this week at work, and then
give the 401 the onion with my old drummer amigo Zac J
Jolliffe and head to the land of milk and honey. Cash is low.
Brain is fried. Feels alot like suicide. But I'm still breathin...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

'What is THAT? Like...4th and Inches?'

The title of this blog was given to me by a guy
from my campaign at work, spying over my
shoulder because he thought I was playing a Nintendo
Emulator online at work. Yeah. I wish work was THAT

Just had an excelling time with Jon Adams of Aurora
fame. It was good to just to relax and chill out. He is a
good friend and I will miss him over the next 4 months.
Bless your little heart, Jonny. You and your Laker Red.

This month is proving to be taxing. Low on money...
lots of travel to do which means things will be
tighter than a duck's ass underwater, but that's
okay. I have this problem with only ever viewing
the negative before any possibility of positivity. Maybe
I'm depressed. But I don't think so.

I would also like to add that I have an amazing lady
behind me in all walks of life. She gives me the grace,
acceptance, love and humility that really does make
each day worthwhile. I love her and only really
want her to be happy above all things in my life, even
though I mostly complain and bitch about my little
scrapes and bruises like a toddler. Thanks Sarah.
Thanks for always being who you are and for being

Work is busy and I can't finish this blog because of
annoying interruptions. But I have been into the old
school gaming, as one could guess from the pics at the
top of the page (circa Nintendo original Super Tecmo
Bowl) with a football game that keeps immaculate stats,
upbeat music and lots of teams that don't exist anymore.
Going to Kingston this weekend for a wedding.
Can't wait. I feel like I'm on 4th and inches in my life,
on the cusp of the goal line, set for a QB sneak into the
endzone of new things.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Way It Used To Be

I was surfing around at work tonight, and I don't usually blog
twice in the same day, but these images inspired me. I
remember a time when video games were a portal to the imagination
of the user but I guess that's just a sign that I'm turning into
an old fart who makes ludicrous claims about the way things
were. But I remember my buddy Brian, who was my best
man and always will be, and trodding over to his house,
stone's throw away, for some afternoon atari action. Man
it was good shit. The graphics sucked, and we even knew
so then as PC games started to get bigger with colour VGA
monitors hitting the market, but damn we would play for
hours. There was one game called adventure where the main
character of the game was basically a yellow block square of
a few pixels who had to defeat dragons with a sword (a yellow
stick) and find the golden chalice which actually flashed
colour, supposedly gold, while finding secret passageways
through certain castles.

But was a block and a stick. We made it fun, I guess.
I was looking through alot of Nintendo old school stuff online
too so you can EXPECT a blog about that shit soon enough.
Yeah, I'm part geek alright. Deal with it.

Here's a little Atari 'Adventure' screenshot for all you
hardcores out there:

The Boys Are Back In Town

Props to the above homeboys for making it somewhat big and
opening for the Foo Fighters for some out west tour dates this
summer. Apparently, Dave Grohl asked them personally to open
for him as he has been a closet east coast Canadian music fan for
some time. Weird.

I digress. Haven't been up to all that much lately. Last weekend,
Sarah and I relaxed in St. Kits and did next to nothing. A friend
from Montreal was here with two girls we didn't know so that was
kinda weird, but all in all, a good time was had. It seems that my
weekdays are mostly made up of working for the weekend and
looking forward to getting away from here. But alas, August is
powering down and I don't have much to show for it. I like to drink
coffee and beer. Preferrably not at the same time. I play alot of
guitar and write alot of songs, most of which will never see the light
of day, but it helps to get rid of some creative energy, anyways.

Well, that's all for now. What a boring ass blog. Lookin forward.
Lookin back. Never really inbetween.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

HEY! Just thought I'd drop a line for all my faithful reading and
non-commenting BASTARD friends (kidding, kidding). But seriously,
though, my music career is at least sort of/somewhat moving now
and I have this LINK you can click on that will prove it. Check
out Graven's new home on the web, along with some listenable
tuneage from my recordings out east. Peace.

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