Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And The Autumn Shows No Mercy
This morning, I drank coffee from a thermos while wearing
my new parka and toque. The windows in my apartment
were glossed with a crusty white dusting. My cat went
outside for only a brief moment and couldn't bear it.
Her cries to be let back in resounded within me as I
opened the door and she shook of the wet snow and
purred against my feet, thanking me for letting her
back into a warm domicile. My boots crunched on
the cold white terrain as I headed down the steps to
clean off the car.

It is upon us. All too soon and yet not soon enough.

But I say...

Bring on the winter with all of it's full force glory.
Bring it.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Sometimes, I feel as if I can so write so clearly and effectively communicate
what I am dreaming and thinking in a way that would give others a
crystal insight into my soul. Other times, I am awash in self-doubt as
waves of lethargy and complacency roll over my being and my body
climatizes in the tepid waters.

Sometimes, I think Jesus would come back and look at how we are living
today and shake his head while saying 'Man, you have it so wrong.' It's
supposed to be simple.

We make things so complex.

A beautiful and melodic chorus of piano music bellows out of a temple
hall that is behind a steel-gated and locked door which I cannot enter.

Is everything always just beyond the rise? Or is everything here and I'm
missing it?

Burn up all the books that have ever been written and replace the pages
with life lessons.

I want to start a record label and musical community and really take it
seriously but I'm afraid of failing...and I think I'm more afraid of trusting.

There is nothing new under the sun.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Last Light Of The Canyon

This is a little snapshot of what the village of Supai looked like.
I left a piece of me there. I'm not sure how to find it or reconcile
with that notion.

Things truck along. Events happen. People are met. Sarah and
I try to sleep as much as we can. The weather is coldening.

The new Graven Ep is on its way. I have been listening to the
tracks and honestly loving the sound of them. I kid you not. For
a self-made production completely made on one G4 iBook, it
sounds pretty damn amazing.

I'm tired of bullshit. You got a beef with someone? Search them
out (if you truly value the relationship) and get it out in the
open. God doesn't really relish in stewing pots of repression that
fester and eventually boil over. Even if you don't believe in God -
it's just not good. It may be a little hard and awkward but things
need airing. No one wants to be Simon Cowell - everyone wants
to be Paula Abdul.

I'm tired of watching positioned leaders who are unable to apologize
for wrongs they have done. I have done many. I try to apologize as
much as I can to people. It is the only way I can learn. I long to
walk in the path of goodness. If I am a leader and I can't admit
when I've done something wrong, how does that help those who
I am leading?

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