Monday, June 19, 2006

A Need for More Meat

This is my second post in the same day, but I feel
the first one was weak and needing some more meat
and potatoes so I'm back for another kick at the
proverbial can, if you will. I was going to demolish the
first post but I see that Charnman (the blog lurker) has
posted a comment so I have to leave it there for dexterity
and so as not to spoil his hippocratic oath.
Mike, you ARE about to rock, and I salute you.

Working for the weekend (2 year anniversary)

Sarah and I got away this past weekend, in a way
we hadn't in a while - we went to a town that is not
either of our parents' and stayed somewhere that
is not either of their houses. Though we both had
crappy sleeps, Port Hope was a grand junction and
just a great getaway spot. If any of you's are thinking
about getting away somewhere I highly recommend
the Lantern Inn as a spot to lay your head. We drank
wine on our terrace and went for drinks where Sarah
got a drink called 'After the Storm (which should have
just been called 'The Storm') which was a splash of
Blue Caracao and Champagne and a BUCKET of Vodka -
the next night we both ate a GARGANTUAN slab of
prime rib (plus another 4 beers which gave me unholy
indigestion through the night) and just spent much time
walking around the picturesque riverside town, looking
in antiques stores and overpriced clothing stores. I almost
bought anold Harmony electric (that looked exactly like a Strat)
but I'm glad I didn't because you exchanges
no refunds. Yesterday wasn't as fun because we
spent alot of it doing laundry, and then getting back
to St. Kits mega-late, only to have the breeze get
hotter as we drove further south. Friggin golden
horseshoe. Now it's back to reality and the money
grind. Oh well. Ya do the humpty-hump.

Things to look forward to

1. The Oilers Winning the Cup - it will happen, and even
if it doesn't, they've come a long way and give hope
to any underdog in this life.
2.Broken Social Scene et al next weekend with
Sarah and friends - I think you can still get tickets
at and if you miss this show, you
are losing out on living.
3. Canada Day -all of you posers, make your way
to Kingston for a serious bash and a possible 3 piece
Graven concert.
4. Staff Training and Ignition at Iawah - summer camping
is a passion of mine and to be able to do it for fun, for
a week or so in the summer, is fuel for my tank.

C'est ca pour aujourd'hui mes amis. Au revoirs.

You've got Nerves Swerving Everywhere

Well, it's about that time. I'm kinda clueless today - it's
rainy, it's monday...what else could drown out the world?
Another week of slugging it in the trenches for the almighty
dollar begins. People who actually have passion towards their
profession are a lucky breed. The way I see it, this job is only
a means to an end. A means to getting Sarah through school
without too many stings, getting us food on the table, and
funding my music career.

Not much else in my mind right now, and with the recent mental
floodings, it is nice to just be floating. It's all watery. I am
looking forward to Canada Day, Civic Holiday, and any other
day that involves embibing in suds with good friends and
life loves. Peace out.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jesus Loves the Druglords

Love. Why can't we love better? What's with all the walls
and territorial thinking that encapsulates North American
culture? Why is it easier to categorize than accept someone?
'To love and serve all'. What a great thought.

Hate. What perpetuates itself most in our society? Why do
freedoms seem so trivial most days when really they are
something to be revelled in and enjoyed? Why do biases
overrule objectivity and a caring heart? Why are we all so
anxious, depressed, elated, and overconfident all at once?

This life is a fragmented view of a whole picture that an essence
of our being looks to and hopes for; it defines our entirety and
our nothingness all in the same breath. We cannot escape it. I
drink coffee and try to relax but it's no use - something tells me
there are things afoot that I cannot stop and that this life will
NOT slow down for any human. I crave the whole picture but
grudgingly accept the incomplete pixelation that appears before
me. My soul longs to be held dear, to be hugged and caressed, to
be told 'it will be alright' and will that to be true.

This is not downwardness - just honesty. Trivial conversations
concerning nothing more than the weather give me slivers of old,
wooden bordeom from ships that have sailed into foggy misanthropic
mists. I long for depth - I cannot be satisfied in this shallow pond.
Though it frightens me to the core, I long to stir up the lake leading
to the sea, hungry for buried treasure covered in lichen and centuries
of oceanic legend. I stand at the deck, my companion, trying to
foresee pink skies to avoid the storms...but it's no use...for the storms
will always come.
With shaky but outstretched arms and extended fingers, I accept the

future. For past without future is less than the equation of reality - it is
sub-reality. To create a time machine would be to live unchallenged
and completely in control with no room for growth or depth.

'So distant sometimes, on an island in your mind, too far away to find...' -matt mays

Thursday, June 01, 2006

and so it goes...and so it goes...

I used to watch movies like Magnolia and not really understand
what the characters were going through because I myself lived
a pretty stressless life. Maybe that's why I prefer light comedies
these days as anything too intense seems to make me antsy and
anxious and worried. It seems like there alot of tv shows now
that are asphyxiated with death and the concepts therein. CSI,
Jordan Crossing, Without a Trace, House, but what's worse is that
these are all shows that Sarah LOVES! Well, a few of them. CSI
and House especially. The point is that I feel like I have crossed
a new plane where I have thought about death and dying to the
point that it can go no further - this doesn't mean it won't happen
but that constant thinking about it will do no good.


Life is here to be lived. Anxiety will come and worries will come -
what's important is just realizing that seasons of life will be more
worrysome than others and knowing that you will 'get thru it' is key
thinking. Like Michael J. Fox's character on Scrubs (a doctor with
obsessive compulsive disorder) said "Just know that when there's
something you think you can't do and your mind keeps throwing
up roadblocks, you can drive right thru 'em."

It was great to see some old friends lately, first at iawah down memory
lane and then Jonny A shows up faithfully for his yearly beer/poker/
pizza time in st kits. Love you Jonny. Bless your little heart.

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