Tuesday, November 18, 2008

On Top Of Everything Else...
The band is getting back together. I suppose, though, that we're not
really 'getting back' together as much as we are 'getting together'.
Some members are different and some are the same. Each will have
his own individual purpose. Practices will be firing up
next week. Stay tuned for more.

Yesterday was a good day. Today is following suit. I have done
nothing so far and it's 11:44 am. That is unheard of within my schedule.
Tuesdays are my chill days. I need to guard them for dear life.

On top of everything else that has been wild in the past week, and
after many arrows fired to the Throne, some lady called me yesterday
at around 3 pm. She said 'Are you the owner of...Luca?' I swallowed
and said yes. I was sure my cat was dead. 'Well, she tried to cross
Gladstone street a few times but we picked her up and she's safe
now. I'll keep her in my front vestibule until you can pick her up.'
Matt Roberts picked me up to go out for coffee and we burned over
to the lady's house and picked up the freaked out cat. She whined
a bit when I picked her up but she figured out who I was within a
few minutes. She's been sleeping straight (with a few quick
wake-ups for food and water) for nearly 24 hours now. She was
missing from Friday at 6 pm until Monday at 3 pm. Almost 72
hours. How she survived the wild streets of Centretown is beyond

Rescue mission successful.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Catastrophic Catharsis

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These days are starting to become an influx of schedule meshing,
6 hour sleeps. I can't say I hate it, though. Working 3 jobs has it's
ups and downs much like...well...everything else in this life.
Sometimes, when I work at Ecclesiax, I wonder if I'm doing this
church a favour or only helping the boat stay afloat. Is there
really a person who is cut out to be an administrator (as a full
time, lifelong occupation)? I think that most Administrator
positions are built to be interim with a shelf life of
perhaps 5-7 years. Beyond that, what sort of person can master
the art of being a professional crap-sifter? It's a good job, though.
I really can't complain.

I started a 3rd job this past Wednesday and will be working most
Friday and Saturday nights. It is decent (for the most part)
and I like the extra financial cushion it is giving me. It was
great to see some Jondog from Toronto for a few days. I am only
sorry that I didn't have more time to chill with him and his
lovely wife.

Our cat is missing.

I hope she finds her way home.

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