Thursday, May 05, 2005

i've waited hours for this, i've made myself so sick i wish i'd stay and sleep today...and so the proverbial timebomb of life keeps on ticking away. the sun gets a little brighter, our bones get a little brittler, and it's all (so to speak) 'good'. i had a wonderful time in chicago with my wife, though, let that show for the record. we hit the windy city and actually stayed within a budget (which is good because we're broke-ass kids) and got some good deals and some sweet meals of deep dish chi-town Gino's 'za. Time to capitalize. Scrum-diddly-umptious. The family I have down there were well receiving and friendly at every turn. It seems like every Christian I know now, even within my dry family, is into alcohol. What's up with that shit? Anyways, I'm pluggin away here at NuComm Inter-hash-in-all and it's a motherhubbard. Sure, it's good to have money to pay bills but man, there's gotta be something more. I remember the long, drawn out days of may and june when i could spindle my thoughts under starlight on a dock by water with some very good friends, about life, chicks, God and all else inbetween but it's not like that anymore. My co-worker Bernie is literally coughing out a rib behind me and I feel for the guy, lifelong smoker. That reminds me...I could really use some mini swisher sweets sometime soon.
Cheers to a new phase of life. I may not like it but it's what I got, so it gots to be good. I long to see old friends and encourage, build up and just be with them. The importance of spending time with people on this earth is monumental.

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