Tuesday, January 25, 2005

EVERYbody wang chung tonite. Well, well. The Man came,
The Man saw and The Man ROCKED the poop right out of
my sphincter. Holy Crap. I haven't been to as good of a rock
show as last night in quite some time. Joel's guitar reigned from
the mountainside like a freight train whistle truckin thru
the dark winter night and his ever faithful band (featuring
newly added bassist Ian 'Spaghetti' McGettigan from Joel's
old band Thrush Hermit) showed an even tighter set than
I've ever witnessed. It helped that the ceilings in the frickin
place were only 8 feet high and that Dave Marsh's drumming
thundered from the heavens of molten rock but overall, it
didn't seem to be real. Sometimes when you see a good show
like that or experience something so inscendiary as such, you
feel like it's not really happening. Thus was the case. From the
opening line of 'my mind's made up' to the dead stop skin
shivering Bonham-esque bring-back drum roll in 'Light of the
Moon' , I was moved. I even talked to The Man for a few quick
seconds after the show. And fancy that through my knowing
his buddy Charles from out east, he had actually heard of
me; 'Matt? Oh hey, are you the guy from Ottawa or somethin?'

Cousin Ben, Sarah and myself could only talk about how
good it was all the way home. All who were not there missed
out bad in a large, hurtin' way. Thank you God for rock.

By the way, I'd like to commend a good friend of mine for
manning up to apologizing for something he'd said. That
takes humility and a lot of selflessness and I'm proud to
call you my friend. I know men who think much more of
themselves than you but who don't have the nuts to step up
to the plate when they are wrong about something. You have
set the bar high and I salute you. You don't speak Jesus
talk, you live the Jesus walk.

...and I'm spent.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Girls and boys and other such inbetween. It has been drawn
to my attention recently that a lot of people can say a lot of
stupid things REALLY quickly. It's as if before even a mere
pondering of facts, we open our mouths and shoot fountains
of steamy, hot dung all over the beautiful landscape, decimating
nature and everything good. It's really too bad but just the
way things are, I suppose. It's a real shame because sometimes
what we say can add to or accent the beauty that surrounds us.
Far too often, though, we are convinced that a premature
bung load, from the gaping gunders that are our mouths, is
much better than a well prepared and wrestled with thought
conveyed verbally or in script. Just a thought.

on another note...
Joel Plaskett Emergency ·
Mon Jan 24, 2005, 9:00pm · club gig · cover: $? · 19+
Casbah · 306 King St West, Hamilton

THAT'S the real deal folks. I know alot of you who read this
are spread across the True North strong and free, but be sure
to at least check out THE MAN's website to see if you can catch
him in YOUR neck o' the woods. I'm pretty sure it's mostly
$12 for tickets wherever he goes. And you'll never be rocked
in your life as much as you will at his live show.

So that's about it. Snow falls, birds swirl about in the chaotic
winds of white bluster and cars pile into the Tim Horton's
drive thru so as to gain some kind of purpose into their sweaty,
anal grease existence. I'm trying to be myself but alot of the
time I don't know who that is - Does anyone? Also trying to
get some musical ends together with a long known friend so
maybe one day I'll be playin at The Casbah and chargin
cover. Until then, friends and lovers, be real.

Dalton, great to talk to you the other night.
Adam, funny email. Stop defecating in metal buckets.
Josh, you are loved and have nothing to fear. Other
people's opinions are only just that. Opinions.
Jon, stop drinking margaritas you lazy asspipe.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Camptown Races

By now, most of you have scurried back to your normal existences;
eating cheese, drinking beer in your gitch, picking ear nuggets with a
geometry compass from high school...and so on. The holiday jingling
of bells is all but a memory and a colder, more harsh wind of january
blows full throttle, even making the soul chilly. Family have scattered
back to their regions of the globe and you are you...wherever you are.

I think it's important that one doesn't lose oneself in the hustle and
bustle of 'I'm gonna burn off all those sugar cookies and egg nog I
devoured' or 'I'm gonna find a new and better job' or 'I'm still hungover
and in need of an ice bath'. I think one should just take a moment...
breathe...and be rooted in who and where you are. Take a moment
to realize that even though you're living with many complications
that you'd like to erase...you're still living. That's worth something.

'I went to the woods to live deliberately.'

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