Thursday, March 31, 2005

Dogs, s'up yo. These days I'm workin much and I feel
overwhelmed even by the outset of a task such as blogging
because I want to write something good, something
meaningful, but I resort to outdated rap lingo and run-on
sentences. But the spring seems to bringin' good weather
so far and this is a welcome change from the early days of
March, where it crapped snow from the heavens for days
on end. Cheers to you in BC Jonny. Drink in your last days
and hours there because alot of Ontario looks the same.

So how am I feeling? Alright. The financial world seems to
be unrelenting in its pursuit to strangle my livelihood and
desire for a better life. I work at a job that I know I'm not
gonna make a career of so I really don't care too much
about being there. As it has been said 'Hate the job, love
the paycheque'. And so it goes. I think Sarah and I are
gonna get out of this one-horse town for a while at the
end of April and hit it up to Chicago. This is totally
unconfirmed and may not even happen, but it's a nice
thought and only an 8 hr drive from here.

So I guess that's it for now. NO real adventures lately. Just
living a pretty average life and blending into the mediocrity
around me. Ho-hum. Bland. Somebody put some seasoning
on this ass blog.

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