Sunday, February 24, 2008

What Defines Home?

I'm back in the Niagara region for the short stint of only a week.
I have been all over the Eastern Region of this province in the last
little while (Cobourg, Peterborough, Kingston, Winchester, etc.).
Sometimes it feels like my life is not really my own. I suppose
that in the grand scheme of things, my life ISN'T my own - it
was a gift. The breath of life was breathed into my bones some
30 years ago.

Though I wouldn't consider St. Catharines to be my 'home', I was
thinking of the notion of home and what quantifies that term for
most people. Is it a building? A neighbourhood? Family? Community?
A local watering hole? Trees? It probably differs for most. Right
now, St. Catharines is my home in the sense that it is where I can
lay my weary head. Sometimes, when I'm here, I will stay in my
boxers with a greasy bedhead late into the afternoon. It is where
Sarah and I don't have to impress anyone or be something we are
getting paid to be - we can just be. Though it can be tricky,
uncomfortable and frustrating at times to just 'be', we are trying
to enjoy it.

I'm thankful for what I have. I'm thankful for what I've been given.

I was watching Etalk daily interview Jason Reitman for his upcoming
Oscar merits with his directorial debut in 'Juno'. I saw him watching
scenes from his director chair with a cast and crew at his beckon
call and I thought 'I could do that'. It was just a thought. I won't
try to justify it.

I read a comic strip in the National Post (Sherman's Lagoon) that
featured a Shark talking to his Crab friend. In the strip, the Crab was
getting annoyed with the Shark as the Shark was just sitting against
a rock, enjoying life and enjoying the moment. The Crab told the
shark that he needed to strive for more and that 'Happiness should
always be just beyond your reach in order to keep you going'.
The Shark retorted 'Okay - I see your point. I would be happier
doing something else than sitting here'. The Crab asked 'What?'
The Shark responded 'I would be happier sitting here...eating a

There's always two camps, isn't there? Happiness is elusive...or is it?

For now, I'm home.

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