Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas
("Not A Fit")

I know, I know. It's been a while since I fired up the old blog machine
and cranked a few red hot buns out of the oven. I will now attempt
to do as such. I'm in a very truthful mood. Christmas abounds in
joyful triumphanticity. I'm sure that isn't a word but it's goin' down.
Oh yeah mofos - it's goin' DOWN and you will sit there, read it and
LIKE it.

My old supervisor got fired about a week and a half ago. When someone
gets fired from NuComm, they don't really give you a specific reason
or set of reasons. It's a part of corporate policy; don't give a fired
employee any real reason to go purchase a semi-automatic firearm
from the closest sporting goods store and open fire upon his/her old
management team. What they will tell a fired employee is that they
are simply 'not a fit' with NuComm's vision. Total bullshit, I know.
You'd be surprised how many companies do this on a daily basis.

Anyways, when I think about this guy, my old supervisor, I do really
shudder and cringe because in all honesty, I never did like the guy from
day one and probably never even gave him any semblance of a chance
to be liked. In reality though, doing your job does not come down
to being liked - it comes down to being able to do the tasks at hand
and perform under pressure. He could never do that and faked his
way through everything. Not for a lack trying, mind you, but being
the supervisor of a multi-campaign sector of a teleservice centre
is no easy task and he was never wired up to be that person. He just
kinda...fell into the role and assumed he was doing well.

The main crux of the problem lay in the fact that he had a very
honest but VERY unapproachable and authoritative personality.
The problem with honest people who are unapproachable is that...
they are always begging for people to approach them but just can't
figure out why no one does. It's a shame, really - one of many
wormholes of human nature. Most of us are confrontationally
opposed (ostriches) and the ones who are confontationally friendly
(wolves) are usually a-holes.

Regardless, he got a few grand out of the deal and it's Christmas
time so upward and onward to better things we go. If got a
chunk of dough and was deemed 'not a fit' with NuComm, I
would be out the door faster than you could say 'sven jorgensen'.
This season continues to astound me for many reasons. It's
a time of base necessity but also a time of infinite greed. It is
a time of family values and open love but also a time of extreme

Sarah and I are heading to Cobourg for a while and I am really
looking forward to the break. The last time I had any extensive
time off from work, I played hard and slept little the whole time
(at Iawah for a week and then out to Halifax for a week) so
it will be nice to do not much of anything. Unless, that is,
playing a lot of cards and drinking a lot of beer and wine counts
as much of something.

Be close to your loved ones.
Go after your dreams.
Don't worry about money.
Don't be to much of an ass to say you're sorry.
Life is too short to think too hard into the future.
Always look beyond yourself.
The true key to happiness always involves sacrifice.

Peace on earth.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

PVC Piping and Parking Lots
(Mundane Ramblings of a mind off the rails)

There is a parking lot I walk through every day on the way to work. It is a
little nook that I like to bypass and cut some time off my route each day.
Today was an exceptionally brisk walk, what with the swirling and twirling
of snow wisps, cascading all about me in a stiff wintery breeze.

What is most interesting about this lot, though, is the point of entry. As paid
parking lots go, there is always either an attendant or an automated arm,
governing which people get in and which are shunned away. This particular
lot has a mechanical arm that lowers or raises that is made out of pvc
piping - pipes that are most commonly used in plumbing that are made
from a black plastic composite.

As far back as I can remember walking through this lot, though, there seems
to be an ongoing war with either a parker from the lot or a neighbour with
the owner of the lot. This is most easily seen on my walks
to work when the pvc piping arm has been sawed right off, down to the nub.
This has happened at least 28 times since I started working at NuComm
but even more interesting than the mysterious sawing is that EVERY
time, and I mean every time, not even a day or half a day later, there is
a shiny new pvc piping arm put right back in its place.

It really puzzles me, this whole ritual, and I jog through a few scenarios in
my head every time I walk by a freshly sawed or replaced arm: Who is this
mysterious sawing person and MAN are they ever relentless! I respect
their inability to give up. But the owner...What's the deal there? Does he
not realize that by continually putting pvc piping back as the device that
lets people into his lot, he will run this risk? PVC piping can be cut with
a very regular saw or even cut in one snap with big enough wire cutters
- maybe the owner doesn't have enough money to put a solid steel arm
on there. Or maybe he's trying to catch the guilty party and each time
the arm is cut, he's getting closer to the trail of the felon.

Or maybe...just maybe...people can be really dumb sometimes.


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