Monday, July 30, 2018

Jet Set Speeder / Hour & Minute Feeder

At 41, I've noticed that time speeds by me. It laughs at my attempts to slow it down. It is a jackal; an unrelenting minx-like beast of burden. I open my eyes in the morning and I am immediately conscious of the fact this everything I see is temporary. I know that it will alter and change - and that nothing is forever.

But I suppose, that in the end, it is all we know.

I have a total inability with this blog. It has baffled me. I started it 15 years ago - and today, it is a chasm of the content mountain it once was. I used it as a journal for my thoughts = a spigot release for my steam energy. Now - it's rarely visited wasteland. An afterthought.

But I also suppose that being a father has made blogging less essential. It is what it is - it is something I get to when I find a few free moments in a day. And these days, free moments are like ancient pirate treasure hidden in deep coral-filled trenches of the raging green seas of yesteryear.

My focus feels off - and with a few huge music shows approaching (especially a massive festival stage one this coming Sunday), I am scattered. My 18 month old daughter dictates the day and I was mentioning to Jillian the other day how when we wake up, I already feel like everything is out of control. It's a constant game of keep-up.

Cram Dills. Pay Bills.

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