Monday, June 14, 2004

Well the big day doth approach. Doesn't feel real yet.

under 5 days and counting.
the bank account decreases, the fury unleashes.
the love grows stronger, the stress burns longer.

I'm excited, scared, worried, stressed, tired, hungry, fatigued,
and laughing for the future.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Come, Come, now young chile. Sit ere on me knee and
don't be cryin, now. Dada be lovin you some fierce.

Sometimes I think God is like a giant Jamaiican
grandfather who is just eager to sit us down, hold us
close and show us His love. This world is so fucked.
Temptation, heartbreak and hellish hurt wait for us
around every corner and to top it off and we're
expected to just bounce back from everything. I am
rubber and you are glue...just don't seem to cut it.

We are utterly succeptible to every kind of malice
and wretched suffering, whether we are sitting at
our computer or walking in the park on a sunny day
or driving our cozy vehicles. At any given moment,
we are like blind children walking into a forest
filled with beehives, totally unprepared but about
to be stung like a son of a gun.

And in the end, I guess I have to accept that image
of the Jamaiican grandad who is always sitting in
that chair, waiting to hug me and tell me i'm
special and loved. I can no longer accept the standards
of this dumb-ass continent, worrying about money,
mortgages, warranties, life insurance, rrsp's,
job benefits, investments and income tax. When
I hold myself in the image of the world, I'm a bum.
But when I hold myself up in God's eyes, and in
Sarah's eyes...I feel secure.

I wish that everyone could feel this way.
Life ain't meant to be lived any other way.
Check out the beauty of the day out there.

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