Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ballad of the DayShifter

IT has happened upon me recently that i may, in fact, be able to get
a daytime shift for next quarter. This would be a massive blessing
to both my personal and married life because as it stands, currently,
I do not get to see my wife at all. I work 3:30 to midnite, home by 12:30,
and she's asleep when I get there. Imagine the concept of actually
having evenings free. I shudder to think at the possibilities. Needless
to say, I'm looking forward to it with great anticipation, but it may not
even happen, so I won't get my hopes up.

Other than that apple, I'm still on the tree for the most part. Most of
the Christmas shopping has been exhausted, along with the
economic resources that make the shopping possible. I'm tired
of my usual 'this holiday is so materialistic' banter so I won't stoop to that
level but just remember, this crazy season, that we must all allow
ourselves a 'time-out' or two to reflect and ponder. What it is you
ponder is obviously up to you, but self worth is a good place to start.


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

This One's For You, J-Dog
'gotta put myself in neutral and re-charge the batteries'

The Dog. I don't usually write posts about one person in particular - usually
I blend many together in one shot. But this one is for a trooper - a great
man who I haven't known for all that long but whom I long to spend most of
my free time with. For some reason, I equate him with The Great Vince (seen
above) mainly because, like Vince, he doesn't mince words and he is as loquacious
as they come. I find that I can spend hours talking with him about absolutely
nothing and yet infinitely everything at the same time. We are both founts
of useless information, but when it comes to sports, all must bow to his golden
calf of the mighty hockey. Those who know him, though, don't mind his zeal
for the puck and the ice and let it slide as he usually does not miss a
Leafs game, and likes to cuss out even his closest friends if his team is having
a bad game. He loves to use the f-word, part of the time to those who can
take it having thrown at them, and the rest of the time to those who need
their worlds to be shaken up a little.
He likes beer but he enjoys it most in the presence of good friends, and is
much like Jesus in the way that he loves to spend time and fellowship with
those that are important to him. He holds no boundaries in his friendships
and dwells on both sides of the 'church' fence, and I wish there were more
who reach out as well as J does. Sometimes, people who know him little or
even a lot can get annoyed by his constant 'banter' or 'loudness', but mostly
those people know where they can go and how to get there. Because that's
part of J. And what he annoys people with in his voicing, he makes up for
in his exuberant passion that kindles the fire of his writing, his vision
and his life.
But for all the bells and whistles of J, there is a deep, meditative quiet that
unwinds itself on highways in a blue truck, with a great album and a
hot cup of coffee. He longs and yearns for those times where he can get
away from the madness of this life and connect with the One who gives
him all meaning and hope. And though J often wrestles in that
relationship, he makes it real and he makes it count.
I met him right before driving through a hellish snowsquall storm,
from Huntsville to Ottawa, on the way to a Coldplay concert. He was
someone who my Sarah pointed out to me and said 'I think you guys would
really get along' but being the typical guy, I shrugged it off and thought
maybe he had a crush on her. But from the first time I heard that
infectious, bellowing laugh of his, I thought to myself 'I want to be
able to hear that laugh as much as is humanly possible' and thus
began our journey together as friends. There has been pizza, there has
been hard truths and confessions revealed, there has been imported
beers, there has been prayer, there has been encouragements, there
has been piss-offs, but for the most part, there has been love. I'm glad
you've come into my life Jon. And as you would so fondly say it,
bless your little heart.


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