Monday, March 28, 2016

Ain't No River

Hey. You there. 

The weeks have turned into months. The spring is basically here and the winter is almost dewy dust in the rainy wind, but there is still a sliver of March left. I've been barreling through. Playing shows. Working long hours. And above all, planting and finding seeds of love and moving to a new tiny town with a beautiful compadre. I am lucky. And blessed. This lady that I have found is the best companion that I've found so far in my journey, and blasts any past competitors into the atmosphere. 

A few weeks back, I took a trip with my lady to see some great people at a lake that I love. We talked by the fire. We sized up the night and the night did the same to us. It was a frozen moment of contemplation. 

More and more, I'm surrounding myself with friends who have done the work on both themselves and the friendships I have with them. In doing that, I'm also separating myself from drama and chaos and cyclical negative self-fulfilling prophecies. In life, it's hard to break ties with people who mean a lot to you. It just is. Some of us have an easier time of snapping the roots and shaking the soil, but some of us worry about the comfort of that warm but terrible dirt. 

But to make progress, especially in my own life, I've always had to simplify the formula when there are too many voices. 

I want to continue on my path. I'm gaining commitment. And dedication. And creative speed. I'm playing more and more music and gaining the tiniest glint of a glowing musical reputation. I don't need to alter my step or make lateral movements to appease anybody. I'm loving. And living. 

And on this near end of March day, I wish the best for you. 

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Lull - The Dogs of Winter

I used to rip the words off in machine gun fire succession. Leaving smoking shells of phrase-turns and captured cliches all over the floor of this blog. These days, I haven't been writing as much. Life has been busy - but in a good way. Maybe this blog has a lifespan and maybe...just maybe...its coming to an end. 

Maybe my words will re emerge in a different way. It's a tiring endeavour to be gut cutting truthful in every post. 

Takes it outta ya. 

Just thinking. 

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