Thursday, May 12, 2005

dog days
this summer season looks like a SCORCHERand unfortunately, it looks like I will be spendingmost of it indoors, in the bowels of one of the biggest call centres in Canada in a town I don't really like and with friends I don't really have. The only person keeping me sane is Sarah and it's a big job, so God bless her for the effort and love. But as it is known, I am a people person and I love to be around and get my energy source from people. Nothin says lovin like a few pints with friends while talkin' about the good stuff that ebbs and flows between the inbetweens of life. Though the next few weekends may prove to be very sociable, I am still here for the moment, grinding my axe into the wheel of industry, playing my part as a tiny, slowly rusting, easily replaceable cog in a giant wheel surrounded my tactless, metallic droids who beat me with statistical rakes. I sweat in agony and fear and try to find a window where I can see the squirrels who are merry, but alas, shadow has covered the land as far as the eye can see. The day is dark and the night is pitch,but even now Hope remains.

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