Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Church of the Funk

Not much to say at the moment. Another week of work looms
large. I applied for another job but have heard nothing as of
yet. Maybe it was not meant to be. Maybe I will have to dwell
in the din of this dungeon for a while longer. It's really not all
bad but I just hate the large company mentality that says 'you'll
NEVER find a better job than the one you HAVE. STAY! STAY!
Don't lose seniority, benefits, and other useless assclownery'.

Homechurch last night was our best turnout yet - 8 peeps total.
It's funny to hear other people's reactions at work when they ask
me what I do on monday nights (which is wing night for some folks)
and I tell them I have homechurch. Reactions range from 'Home
church? Why don't you just GO to a real church on sundays?' or 'What
the fuck is that?' But it's great - going deeper with a community
of people who are lookin' out for God and His workings, and being
there for each other, in whatever way that is modelled in the
book of Acts.

We don't GO to the meeting house church (www.themeetinghouse.ca)
but it's where we get most of our material for discussions. It's funny
too - I think the opening banner on the site states 'God Hates Religion'
and man, how true that is, but how forgotten by modern North
American Christianity. People just LOVE to live their life by a list
of rules, mostly morally based, and think they're ok but make no
effort to be involved with or engage in a real relationship with the
Maker. It's also funny how Jesus was eager to hang out with people
of all kinds, and interested in their lives, but the people he had little
time for and pushed the hardest on were the pharisees - the religious

Anyways, it is good. That's all that matters.
Take care folks. I'll be posting again soon.

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