Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hey well, apparently you can see a sick-slick pic of me
on Johnny J-Mart's blog (
and an even sicker blog to boot.

So I'm back from a week off at iawah where I had good
re-charging of the batteries, slowly takin' er out of neutral
and puttin' er back on the road. It was great to be involved
in people's lives again and not so much of a hermit. It's the only
way I gain passion, grow and learn as a human. Being in a
real community is something me and Sarah are desiring
right now, maybe even beyond the means of a local church.

Things in St. Kits may be looking up, after all.
And that is allllllright. I look forward to a fall of watching NFL
games, playing music, walking with my wife through many
colours of leafery, smelling the smokey fall air, my birthday,
thanksgiving and a buttload of turkey/triptophan, mark
wallace, and drinking BUCKETS of THIS...

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