Monday, October 10, 2005


Well, if you go to, this is the
picture on my profile but it reflects nothing of the mental
capacity of the band, graven, nor its mission statement.
It's just a good old school weird iawah pic with me and
my old homie Matt Leyenaar. But it's part of me. And
the music is part of me too. It's all one big melange.

So we played in Montreal, me and a few rag-tag amazing
musician friends of mine, and it went down, and after a load
of driving, pumpkin seeds to keep me awake at the wheel
and very un-smart record reps (i.e. Island, Virgin, Capitol)
and all we really learned is...go indie. The big labels are full
of red-tape, marketing, and really only looking to sign big
names in the underground who already have a fan base,
album sales and their own musical drive.

So we drove 7 hrs, played 2 songs, and realized that underground
is the way to go. Funny how life works out.

From the perspective of the big labels, it is all about marketing,
image-creation, and according to one very 'dumb' rep "gettin
laid, partyin', gettin drunk and high, and if you don't want to
do that, you'll never be a rock star". Fuck being a rock star.
That's never what I wanted, mr. american idol simon cowell
worshipping mental midget. The music is the meat of the sandwich
and that is what I'll make. Music.

Overall, though, they liked our sound, our rhythm section and
the vocals. I had to play my electric direct-in which made it sound
like a kid's paper instrument with elastic bands for guitar strings.
But the acoustic song rocked and the rest was good despite all that.
So, I think Graven will be in a scene of 'its' own for a very long
time. Just knowing that there was interest to do it was a start
and that such a tight set could be brought together in one day
was very blessed.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.

peace out for now.

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