Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Gold That Is In This Life

So it seems like only 2 of my homies on my link list
are bloggin' right now. Slacker asses. Kidding. I just like
to get a variety of thoughts from my friends and fam so
I'd like to see some new material any time soon from the Dox,
Buck Twenty Five, Todd and Erich who is rich in spirit.
I miss all your words lads. They are fire to my loins.

I'm just at work, pluggin' er, and I'm finding the days are
getting dark dang quick now what with it being indian summer
type season. I don't think of it as fall until we need coats.
Had our first smallgroup/homechurch meeting last night
and it was quite excellent. Just good to know there are peeps
out there lookin' for the same things me and Sarah are, and who
want to go deeper than the wading pool that is church.
Ask questions, laugh, cry, drink, eat, be merry, be depressed,
whatever. Be yourself. That's the key to it all, really.
Because there is so much more to this life than meets
the eye, and whatever your view is on that, the truth
is all in your view.

Truce by Paul Muldoon
It begins with one or two soldiers
And one or two following
With hampers over their shoulders.
They might be off wildfowling

As they would another Christmas Day,
So gingerly they pick their steps.
No one seems sure of what to do.
All stop when one stops.

A fire gets lit. Some spread
Their greatcoats on the frozen ground.
Polish vodka, fruit and bread
Are broken out and passed round.

The air of an old German song,
The rules of Patience, are the secrets
They'll share before long.
They draw on their last cigarettes

As Friday-night lovers, when it's over,
Might get up from their mattresses
To congratulate each other
And exchange names and addresses.

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