Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Feanca Chan

This has to be one of the fruitiest pictures I could ever put
on a blog but it's on this credit card validation website that I
use for work. I have to look into that freakin kid's face for hours
at a time while I validate people's credit card info. With you in
mind? What kind of fudge slogan is that? With WHO in mind?
A baby? AM I selling credit cards to infants?

Anyways, this past week, since my last entry, has been wacko.
Playing a show in montreal tomorrow night, drivin to c-burg
tonite with sarah, pickin up dalton, ray and josh on the way. Yiye.
I said Yiye. Be sure to check in for updates on how the show went
Then TG weekend comes and unfortunately brother blog can't
make it down but ma, pa and maybe some cousins will be in
St. Kits to partake of turkey, sarah's world-shattering mashed
taters, pumpkin pie and a lot of good shit. God bless us for
all we have and take for granted every second.

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