Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Dudes. Legions of the Cyber Realms. Run to the hills of
Gromdar where Parthus Kor will usher you into the
safety of his catacombs, away from the Blog Monster.
That made no sense. But damn was it fun to write.

So I made my way with my dear Sarah to the 'Hammer
last night (Hamilton to you non SW ontario folks) and we
were way up high in the NOSEbleeds of Copps Coliseum
to hear the Jam of Pearl. Eddie Vedder can still rock out

with the motherfriggin' thunder. I'm not even a real PJ fan but
I gained alot of respect for them last night, that is for DAMN
sure. Matt Cameron (ye olde Soundgarden drummer) is too
thunderous for his own good. They played everything too,
like over 2 hours of material, all the way back to the 'Ten'
album. Nice work, lads.

As for today, and lately, I'm enjoying things a little more.
This homechurch/smallgroup idea seems to keep gaining
momentum and interested people like a big, fat downhill
snowball. Looks like a first call to summit may even be
early next week.

My long time homie Justin Paizer got engaged last night.
Your sudden and recent surge of passion is inspiring and
I thank you for being such a good friend all these years.

Newly Acquired DVD's:
Along Came Polly, Matchstick Men, High Fidelity.
Expendable income? Yeah right. They were all on serious
blowout sale prices.

Me Love You All, Long Time.

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