Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Mother Of All That Is Good...

Life has been flustering about like a trapped bird in some
kind of oily water lately. I know what I have to do...I just can't
seem to do it. My fear of failure holds me back from pursuing
something that would be very rewarding to me, like music, or
writing, but i'm too afraid that if I step out in faith, I'll fall like a
rock and look like a chump. But I know that won't happen. It just
takes a big man to put his sack on the table and ante-up.

Byes and Hi's

Looking forward to possibly going to Iawah next week for a
trip away from home. Sarah will be hookin up with me later in
the week. I definitely need some fire in this old tank of dry bones.
Adam, haven't heard from you for some time. Please contact
me in some way. I miss your diabolical intellect. Jon, have a
great trip out westand remember it's all part of the big picture,
and on a universal level, we are miniscule. Dalton, where are
you man? Out east will be a blast, I'm sure. Buck, have faith
brotha. I miss having no old milly ice in my fridge - come visit
anytime. Todd, great to see ya last weekend. Lookin forward
to seein ya more next week. Josh and Olivia, good start on the
weekend to your new life together. Amazing time.

As for now, gonna finish strong this week at work, and then
give the 401 the onion with my old drummer amigo Zac J
Jolliffe and head to the land of milk and honey. Cash is low.
Brain is fried. Feels alot like suicide. But I'm still breathin...

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