Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Way It Used To Be

I was surfing around at work tonight, and I don't usually blog
twice in the same day, but these images inspired me. I
remember a time when video games were a portal to the imagination
of the user but I guess that's just a sign that I'm turning into
an old fart who makes ludicrous claims about the way things
were. But I remember my buddy Brian, who was my best
man and always will be, and trodding over to his house,
stone's throw away, for some afternoon atari action. Man
it was good shit. The graphics sucked, and we even knew
so then as PC games started to get bigger with colour VGA
monitors hitting the market, but damn we would play for
hours. There was one game called adventure where the main
character of the game was basically a yellow block square of
a few pixels who had to defeat dragons with a sword (a yellow
stick) and find the golden chalice which actually flashed
colour, supposedly gold, while finding secret passageways
through certain castles.

But was a block and a stick. We made it fun, I guess.
I was looking through alot of Nintendo old school stuff online
too so you can EXPECT a blog about that shit soon enough.
Yeah, I'm part geek alright. Deal with it.

Here's a little Atari 'Adventure' screenshot for all you
hardcores out there:

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