Tuesday, August 16, 2005

'What is THAT? Like...4th and Inches?'

The title of this blog was given to me by a guy
from my campaign at work, spying over my
shoulder because he thought I was playing a Nintendo
Emulator online at work. Yeah. I wish work was THAT

Just had an excelling time with Jon Adams of Aurora
fame. It was good to just to relax and chill out. He is a
good friend and I will miss him over the next 4 months.
Bless your little heart, Jonny. You and your Laker Red.

This month is proving to be taxing. Low on money...
lots of travel to do which means things will be
tighter than a duck's ass underwater, but that's
okay. I have this problem with only ever viewing
the negative before any possibility of positivity. Maybe
I'm depressed. But I don't think so.

I would also like to add that I have an amazing lady
behind me in all walks of life. She gives me the grace,
acceptance, love and humility that really does make
each day worthwhile. I love her and only really
want her to be happy above all things in my life, even
though I mostly complain and bitch about my little
scrapes and bruises like a toddler. Thanks Sarah.
Thanks for always being who you are and for being

Work is busy and I can't finish this blog because of
annoying interruptions. But I have been into the old
school gaming, as one could guess from the pics at the
top of the page (circa Nintendo original Super Tecmo
Bowl) with a football game that keeps immaculate stats,
upbeat music and lots of teams that don't exist anymore.
Going to Kingston this weekend for a wedding.
Can't wait. I feel like I'm on 4th and inches in my life,
on the cusp of the goal line, set for a QB sneak into the
endzone of new things.

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