Monday, June 20, 2005

In Your Honour

All i can say
Bow and kneel before masters of modern rock.
This is the best album of this style of music, in my knowledge, to come out in 5 years.
That's a bold statement, yes, but take me up on it.
A full disc of hypercreative, hooky metal rock from the mind of Grohl is fused with
a more sentimental side of him (that is often only glimpsed) on an entire second disc of original, acoustic material. Everyone from John Paul Jones to Norah Jones
are guest contributors to this musical montage that
is more ambitious than anything the Foos have done to date.
Walking to work the other day, and listening to my
new Foo acquisition, the title track (In Your Honour)
rattled me to the core and actually gave me chills. The tune of
the guitar riff sounds like something Radiohead would
play on a cheap casio keyboard, but never on guitar with
such serious, in-depth questioning lyrics rooting it.
You get the feeling that Dave Grohl really howled these
thoughts at the heavens, by himself on a dark night,
and left them there to hang in the evening air, and that
whoever he's singing about is not just a friend or
acquaintance, but a massive part of his being that is
both a blessing and a curse.

can you hear me?
hear me screaming
breaking in the muted sky
this thunder heart
like bombs beating
echoing a thousand miles

mine is yours and yours is mine
there is no divide
in your honour, i would die tonight
mine is yours and yours is mine
i will sacrifice
in your honour, i would die tonight
for to you feel alive

can you feel me?
feel me breathing
one last breath before i close my eyes
this offeringfor receiving
deliver me into the other side

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