Saturday, February 19, 2005

What's up world? I'm in another good place at the
moment which would be the land of milk and honey,
otherwise known as Kingston. I've done alot of
growing and learning in this place over the years and
it always feels great to get together with people here
and download alot of crappy music on Olivia's computer
and clog her harddrive with 45 different versions of the
same Gob song. Josh, my long time homie, is playing
his quickpick style of guitar on the floor of the room
right now and Katie, Sarah and Olivia are having
some good girl time on the bed. Long overdue, I think.
Life seems to be changing and careening down the
road in so many ways that I cannot control. But I
guess the trick is learning to embrace it all, every
nuance, every disaster and every thing that pisses
you off about law-bound Christians. It takes many
kinds to make up the peeps we call our friends. Josh
is gonna be starting a post. Boom Blickity. I'll add you
on fo sho ma nizzle. By the way music lovers, The Man
has a new album out this coming tuesday. Peace. I'm
back to the Saint of C.

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