Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Just thought I'd throw a post out there, being here in the
land of Nostalgia and upbringing. Ottawa is a great city,
it really is, and after being in such a dumper town like
St. Kits for so long, and living in other shacks, I can
really appreciate the nation's cap for all it's glory. Been
chuggin around town with Sarah and just taking my time
with life, as one should do on a week off. Funny how I
took her out for valentines and what I thought would
be a nice, romantic night downtown ended up being
a serious discussion that left both of us stressed and
a bit upset. But I am glad that happened. Because we
are coming to a place where that crapper stuff doesn't
phase us too much and whatever ass juice comes down
the pipe, we can think, regroup, pray and take it one
day at a time...hell, sometimes even one minute at a
time. Saw 'Assault on Precinct 13' with my father last
night. A good father-son time. Pretty junk movie but
some good action death scenes. The old icicle in the
eyeball never seems to get old. Keepin it real for now.
Adam, we need to hang out. Drop by 26 keppler for
dinner tonite. I think Mom's getting shwarmas. Home
will always this city...for some odd reason.

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