Tuesday, January 25, 2005

EVERYbody wang chung tonite. Well, well. The Man came,
The Man saw and The Man ROCKED the poop right out of
my sphincter. Holy Crap. I haven't been to as good of a rock
show as last night in quite some time. Joel's guitar reigned from
the mountainside like a freight train whistle truckin thru
the dark winter night and his ever faithful band (featuring
newly added bassist Ian 'Spaghetti' McGettigan from Joel's
old band Thrush Hermit) showed an even tighter set than
I've ever witnessed. It helped that the ceilings in the frickin
place were only 8 feet high and that Dave Marsh's drumming
thundered from the heavens of molten rock but overall, it
didn't seem to be real. Sometimes when you see a good show
like that or experience something so inscendiary as such, you
feel like it's not really happening. Thus was the case. From the
opening line of 'my mind's made up' to the dead stop skin
shivering Bonham-esque bring-back drum roll in 'Light of the
Moon' , I was moved. I even talked to The Man for a few quick
seconds after the show. And fancy that through my knowing
his buddy Charles from out east, he had actually heard of
me; 'Matt? Oh hey, are you the guy from Ottawa or somethin?'

Cousin Ben, Sarah and myself could only talk about how
good it was all the way home. All who were not there missed
out bad in a large, hurtin' way. Thank you God for rock.

By the way, I'd like to commend a good friend of mine for
manning up to apologizing for something he'd said. That
takes humility and a lot of selflessness and I'm proud to
call you my friend. I know men who think much more of
themselves than you but who don't have the nuts to step up
to the plate when they are wrong about something. You have
set the bar high and I salute you. You don't speak Jesus
talk, you live the Jesus walk.

...and I'm spent.

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