Monday, February 07, 2005

A great time was had recently with friends and where else
could it have been...but Guelph. It seems the place that I hated
to be most, a few years back, is a place now that is so loved
and sought after. I guess any mixture of feelings and emotional
gout can make one feel ANYway towards a geographic location,
which is probably a big reason why I hate St. Catharines so
much (so far), but since I left the land of the Hanlon, Angels
and the Bookshelf, I've since wanted to spend as much time there
as possible. Take friday night for example; Sarah, me, Josh, Justin
and Justin's new gal. We decided to head to Cambridge for a pub
night but THE BADGER has lost it's liquor license. So we ventured
to this wanna-be pub down the street but it had too many
expensive wood furnishings and over-40 business men to make
it authentic. And for some odd reason, all these male cougars
flooded the bar area though there were MANY empty tables
at which to sit. Idiots. So after one $6.95 pint each, we all
decided that this place was too ritzy and that as kitchens were
closed everywhere (being after 11 pm) it was time to hit the
road to another more suitable watering hole. And OHHHhhh
my did we find one back in Guelph. The pub strip was HOPPIN
at 11:20 on a friday night and so we hit the Woolwich Arms
(known fondly as the Wooly by all who know its charm) and
not only was there an actual server who knew what he was
doing, but there were a multitude of fine lagers on tap for
5 bones/pint AND...get ready for this...the kitchen was still
open. 2 bison chili nachos and 1 XL poutine later, a pitcher
of Creemore and 2 pitchers of SPA, we were living life, friends.
Unreal. Things like that blow me away. Where it seems your
hopes are dashed for the night but then rebuilt in a matter
of minutes.
ALL HAIL GUELPH! Why did I leave that place? I saw the
SuperFriendz at the Albion last year there and it was one
of the best damn shows I've ever witnessed. I had a job
delivering envelopes for over 20 bones an HOUR! I had friends
who I took for granted all too quickly and left to Ottawa.
Sometimes...I wish I had done it different. I'm spent.

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