Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Camptown Races

By now, most of you have scurried back to your normal existences;
eating cheese, drinking beer in your gitch, picking ear nuggets with a
geometry compass from high school...and so on. The holiday jingling
of bells is all but a memory and a colder, more harsh wind of january
blows full throttle, even making the soul chilly. Family have scattered
back to their regions of the globe and you are you...wherever you are.

I think it's important that one doesn't lose oneself in the hustle and
bustle of 'I'm gonna burn off all those sugar cookies and egg nog I
devoured' or 'I'm gonna find a new and better job' or 'I'm still hungover
and in need of an ice bath'. I think one should just take a moment...
breathe...and be rooted in who and where you are. Take a moment
to realize that even though you're living with many complications
that you'd like to're still living. That's worth something.

'I went to the woods to live deliberately.'

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