Thursday, December 23, 2004

It's Christmas time in Hollis Queens. Moms cookin chicken and collared greens.
Run DMC just knew how to make the Christmas rap songs go down smooth.

Again, as a recurring and uninteresting theme, I don't have much
to say except I love Sarah a lot. She got me a new Fender Telecaster
for Christmas and I didn't even see it coming. What an amazing wife.
She is so supportive at every turn that I wish every relationship could
have what I have with her; imperfect and ridiculous...but beautiful.

Life Aquatic hits the screen in T-minus two days and I'm gonna be
all over that like Todd on a spring roll...or Adam on a bottle of Aquavit...
or Jonny on a bottle of malt liquor. Nice work boys. Nice damn work.

Christmas is a time of capitalism, greed and mass monetary expenditure.
Who's got time for the birth of the son of God, really?


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