Thursday, November 25, 2004

So apparently Blogger not only takes half a facking century to
load this morning, but it also erased one motherload blog that
I typed as after I clicked the 'publish post' button, it was lost in
cyberspace and I was left with a 'cannot find server' screen. Great.
Excellent start to an already poosnow filled day. It's friggin cold
out there and it looks as if the GTA was shyted on by a massive
amount of birds. I don't have too much time to dink around this
morning so this will be short.
Kudos to Charnman! Glad you found my blog and its good to hear
from your razor-sharp witted mind again. I kid you not folks,
Charn is one of the smartest people I have ever met. Thanks for
your comments and keep them flowin like the lava that is your
intellect; searing and white hot.
To the Mystery Man who talked about watching Tenenbaums
with your family and not laughing - I'm sorry. I should have
explained that it is not really a comedy. It's more of a cool story
about a ridiculous family who, in the end, are not really that
ridiculous and are much like many families we've known in life
as farce turns to something very real and home-hitting. And...
you liked The Replacements? Well...I don't think that movie is
really my cup of whiskey but who knows - maybe the next time
I'm on a plane somewhere I'll be surprised.
Holy mother, it is snowing like a banshee outside. Is this a joke?
Anyways, just wanted to remind you all that the chronicles have
been updated. Be sure to go look and hey leave a friggin comment
on the chronicles site you bastards! I want to hear feedback on
this piece of bung.

Later playaz,

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