Saturday, December 04, 2004

Hey kids! Sometimes you just want to sound like Krusty the
Clown. So as I sit here, looming over the ominous keys of the keyboard
that make the ominous, gloomy music that is my blog, I can't really
think of too much that is interesting to say. I let the ice clink inside the
glass of my freshly poured rye and ginger, but still, nothing comes.

I don't really like St. Catharines too much and I gotta tell ya some of
None's thoughts can quickly become my own. Fudgenut. It's easy to
let yourself slide into a certain framework of thinking. It's also super
easy to always ALWAYS see the negative side of things. It takes
almost zero time and talent to observe the negative in a certain
situation, because hey, let's face it, life often sucks. What takes the
real work and sweat and fatigue in this life is to see the good and
the upside of things when cancer is near or to retain hope when your
best friend from childhood just got blown to shat with a grenade
in a war that you don't even give a damn about.

But God shows up, I find, and the good does come around. I just
have to look for it. This past week I had an awesome chat with some
of my realest of real homies. We sat in a pub, eating various bangers,
mash, quesadillas and drank some frothy mugs of ale and just talked
about life, no holds barred, no bullshit. Depression, regret, disbelief,
negativity, broken friendships and debts were on the downside but on
the upside just alot of finding love in cool places, new friends,
opportunities, road trips, planting a church that doesn't like a church,
and just living life. I say that if you cannot do this kind of thing with
your friends, you don't really have friends. And hey I don't mean you
need to talk about church because let's face it, church often sucks
and I often don't blame those who don't want to go there. It's
never been about a religion or following rules but rather about a

Well, go see a good movie and give me a report.
Todd (and Chelsea) take care in Korea and don't spice up your
bungholes too badly.
Adam, that was one of the funniest comments I've ever read.
Please refrain from making me wet myself publicly and spew
on to a computer monitor.
Charn, you're wise man. But sometimes you talk crazy! And I
love that.
Jon, stay in BC as long as you can. The dope is good there.
And to the anonymous commenter who rebutted with calling me
a 'son of a whore'...nice one. nice one.


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