Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Not much to say for the moment. I guess I really shouldn't
write if I don't have much to say but ah, what the hell.
I just expunged my being into a new None blog. Be sure
to check out his deal: www.chroniclesofnone.blogspot.com

Just a thought:
You know what I love about Christians? I love that we expect
everyone else in the world to come out of their comfort zones
to meet with us (i.e. come out to a 'church' service, listen to
a gospel presentation, etc.) but we never want to come out
of OUR comfort zones into their worlds. We want it all man.
It's like Christians are a sports team that never wants to play
an away game! We always want to play against other teams
on our home turf? What the hell is wrong with us?!?!?

I think this dude Jared I know once said it best; if we aren't
prepared to get down on our hands and knees and scrub on
the floors with our friends and their problems, then we are
only distancing ourselves from everyone else and dragging
Jesus name through the mud and shit.

It doesn't matter HOW GOOD something is. No one wants
to hear about ANYTHING if its rammed down their throat.
Or if it is presented from the perspective of being better than
others. So many people are way too hung up on appearance
rather than being hung up on God. The want the shiny happy
'i have it all together' look. But who out there is really;
a. shiny
b. happy
c. all together

That's all. Christmas coming. Adam, keep the egg nog cold
for my aquiescent return to the Nation's capital where we
will dine and drink like kings.

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