Friday, March 12, 2004

WHAT'S the deal with Hotmail? Really? I mean, it's my main email account
because im sorry to say that i don't have an internet account at the moment,
but it's always either super-dang slow or unserviceable. Why would I want to
sign up for a $30/year account? To put some more money into Bill Gates pocket
so he can keep robbing me blind and providing me with shysen email access?

Foolery. Total foolery.

Does it ever just occur to you how amazing life is? Walking around, breathing, driving
places...sometimes there is so much beauty in the simplest of activites. Sometimes
we are too busy sleepwalking through life, and focused on all that we don't have
or what we supposedly 'need', and forget about the awe of the here and now.
God has given me so much. I cannot even begin to describe my gratefulness.

This evening has a big question ? mark hanging over it because I have no idea
what sarah and I will end up doing. It would be nice to get out of c-burg, but we'll
just have to see. Life is amazing. Beautiful.

Take time to smell the wind and breathe it in.

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