Thursday, February 12, 2004

Howdy doody folkaroonies. So my friend Jon Adams lives in Aurora and I went to pay off a friggin 50 dollar parking ticket a few weeks back but the iron lady of fury said she would only drop my fine to 35 bucks. What a deal! Or, as one could say, what a 'bend-me-over-with-a-broomstick' kinda of a deal! Same poo, different corn consistency.

Lately I've felt kinda overrun by life, work, scheduling, dayplanners, co-ordinating work schedules, wedding planning, coffee, beer and the like. I know God is still working, still lighting my way on the dark evenings, but I feel kind of distant and separate. I guess that's because I sin, swear, lust, look at dirty shit, and long to fill my stomach with the pods of the hogs. I am the prodigal son, short and simple. I struggle, fight, sleep, wake up and start it all over again. It's like that song 'day in the life' by the beatles. There's no release. Sarah's been telling me lately that she has an endless amount of thoughts in her brain and this causes her to not really rest when she sleeps and she wakes up and basically continues the same exhausting thought process from the night before. I just want peace for her. I want peace for all of us. But the melody and fibre of this life is thick, hectic, chaotic and unresolving like jazz (read Don Miller's 'Blue Like Jazz' for more would be neat to go meet him this week).

So...I guess I'll keep fighting, struggling and kicking for air because hey, ain't this what makes life beautiful?

'beauty comes in moments of blissful sunsets. the pink sky cracks and never looks back.'

love ya jonny. erich, where ya been?

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